Pizzeria Libretto- King St. West

545 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1

Call for reservations: 647-352-1200

Picture of busy interior of Pizza Libretto

About a year ago, I reviewed Pizza Libretto's University location and was very impressed with their state of the art accessibility features. See the last post here: Pizzeria Libretto-University Ave. if you missed it!

When I heard a new location was opening on King St W, I was excited because a. the pizza is just so delicious and b. I hoped it would be a new accessible restaurant in the downtown core!

The good news is that the pizza is still delicious and the restaurant is in fact accessible! Unfortunately, there is a separate entrance for individuals requiring an accessible entrance and the accessible washroom is located outside of the restaurant, but it is well designed and nothing is too out of the way.

To enter the restaurant, you must go down a long lane located off King W. and enter through the front of the Brightlane building. The lane is made of cobblestone but it is fairly level. There is an automatic door that is 34 inches wide and leads into a lobby which will take you to the restaurant. The friendly manager suggested calling ahead if you need to use this entrance on a weekend, as the door locks and they need to make special arrangements for keys. On a week day, showing up spontaneously is OK.

Picture of accessible entrance

The back entrance leads into the restaurant through a door (not automatic) that measures 36 inches wide.

The restaurant has many tables that are 29 inches high with removable chairs. The floor is smooth and flat, and the restaurant is all on one level. One you enter, the smell of pizza is delicious!

Picture of hallway to the accessible washroom
Picture of accessible washroom stall

The accessible washrooms are located just outside the restaurant in the hallway to enter via the Brightlane entrance. The door is automatic, and measures 34 inches wide. Inside the bathroom there are three stalls, one of which is accessible with an entrance measuring 35 inches wide. The sink measures 29.5 inches high.

There are regrettably a few accessibility inconveniences in this location, but the good news is that you can visit the University location just a few blocks away!

Have you tried this new location out? What do you think of the accessibility? Let us know in the comments below!