Picture of accessible entrance

832 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5S 1Z6

Call: (416) 925­-8888

On a chilly January morning, Chris and I decided to spice up our day by taking a peak inside Nando’s restaurant. Home of, “the original flame­-grilled PERi­PERi chicken” we hoped to get a better sense of their accessibility, and maybe a peak at the recipe for their delicious secret sauce. 

Picture of accessible interior. Standard height tables and removable chairs featured

The main entrance consists of two sets of doors with automatic features. Each set of automatically operated double doors measure at 37" each. Between the 2 sets of doors there is carpeting, but once inside the floor nearest to the entrance are tile before transitioning smoothly to wood as you move into the dining room.

Picture of spacious interior of restaurant

Orders are taken at a tall counter (46”), however staff are happy to accommodate their services for individuals with difficulty accessing the counter. Routes throughout the restaurant are wide and unobstructed with the narrowest walkway measuring 44” across. There is a mix of standard height tables and booth seating along with a large harvest table that comes along with a large harvest table that comes with a great story! The standard height (29”) tables have removable chairs allowing Chris to navigate easily throughout the main dining room and access a large portion of the tables, including the harvest table. The main dining room was well lit when we visited during the day, however night time visits could be slightly darker. Music was set to a level that still comfortably allowed for conversation, but it may be louder during dinner service.

Washrooms are located just off the main dining room. The doorway to enter is push operated and 35" wide. We noted that the doorway did not have automatic features and Chris mentioned that pulling the door open to exit may prove challenging for some individuals. Once inside there is an accessible stall with 2 grab bars surrounding the toilet and an individual sink inside the stall. The soap dispenser within the accessible stall was slightly too high for Chris to reach, but we were impressed to find the toilet and sink had automatic features. Sinks measured 30” off the ground. Paper towel and hand dryers were well within reach.

Picture of accessible washroom stall

The nearest Green P is about two blocks away from the restaurant at 15 Wellesley Street East. Street parking is also available on Grenville Street, just east of Bay, and on Bay itself during non­peak hours. If you’re taking the TTC, the nearest accessible stop is Queen’s Park subway station which is located approximately two blocks from the restaurant.

Our overall impression? Chris and I both thought that Nando’s provided one of the best accessible dining experiences we’ve seen. The staff were incredibly courteous, friendly and willing to accommodate wherever possible. For those who choose to check it out don’t forget to ask about the story of the harvest table! Bom proveito!

Review team Chris Tavares and Christian Blake

Review team Chris Tavares and Christian Blake