Jamie's Kitchen

Picture of accessible entrance of Jamie's Italian

3401 Dufferin St #20, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9

Call for reservations: (416) 238-7450

The highly anticipated Jamie's Kitchen has finally opened in Toronto's Yorkdale Mall! This is restaurateur Jamie Oliver's first North American location of his very popular Italian eatery which celebrates the art of simple, fresh food.  

The entrance of this spacious new restaurant is off the North parking lot of Yorkdale Mall. It neighbours Crate & Barrel and Indigo as a reference. There are 2 sets of double doors, each measuring 35 inches. Both doors have automatic door openers and you are welcomed by very friendly hostesses! NOTE: There is NO mall entrance.

The interior of the restaurant is two floors, but the second floor is reserved for large groups. Unfortunately, there is no elevator access. However, the main floor was designed with absolutely no barriers. Plenty of seating options are available at standard height tables with removable chairs and clear floor space between the tables. Jamie's Kitchen currently does not offer larger font or braille menus. There are 3 clearly marked emergency exits throughout the restaurant and there are plans to expand outdoors with a patio in the summer-stay tuned!

Picture of accessible tables
Picture of accessible interior of Jamie's Kitchen

To the left of the open bar is the spacious, accessible washroom. There is an automatic door opener, a 37 inch door and a clean open space in front of the sink and toilet. There is an L bar beside the toilet, but no automatic flush. The sink height is 31 inches and the soap and dryer are both easy to reach. There is also a large change table for families which is nice to see. Julian pointed out the large button uses to lock the door from the inside so there are no knobs to turn. There is also a green or red light indicating if the door is locked too which was a cool touch. Julian's wheelchair is not large but there is plenty of floor space within the washroom to turn around even for a larger powerchair user. 

Picture of accessible washroom

We visited Jamie's Kitchen at noon where it was very bright and the music in the background was low. The restaurant was also not busy as it was a Sunday, but the hostess stated that dinner is definitely the busiest and loudest time of the day. However, the high ceilings and generous space between tables do assist with dispersing the noise.

In regards to transportation, Yorkdale Mall subway station is not accessible. The parking lot, however, has many accessible and family parking spaces. Wide walkways and low curbs also make it ideal for front door drop-off.