Tranzac Club

Picture of the front entrance of the Tranzac

292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, M5S 1X9

Call: (416)-923-8137

The Tranzac Club is a funky, accessible venue for the enjoyment of arts, music and theater. It is a non-profit community venue, with origins dating back to the 1930's!

A cement ramp leads up to the double-door entrance with a threshold of 1 inch. Once inside, there is a spacious, tiled entryway leading to three different rooms. Although the venue offers no automatic features, each venue room has double door entrances.

Once inside, we encountered the Southern Cross Lounge, which offers free live music Monday through Thursday nights. Drinks are available at the bar, which is 44 inches tall. Staff were very friendly and commented that accommodations could be made to bring drinks to a table. The floor was carpeted with a thin, flat carpet. All chairs and tables (27 - 29 inches high) were easy to move. Next we entered the intimate, living room-style Tiki Room. Again, the floors were carpeted and the chairs and tables were removeable to accommodate for the changing rental space.

Picture of one of the main floor concert venues displaying standard height tables and removeable chairs.

Lastly, we entered the Main Hall, which is the largest performance space at the Tranzac. The flooring is tiled, and the room features the main stage and a 44 inch bar. Getting ready to set up for an event, the room was mostly empty when we visited, however, chairs and tables pulled to the sides proved that the area was again quite flexible depending on the event.

Picture of the main concert hall at the Tranzac

Men and women’s bathrooms are located on the main floor, with push doors that swing inside revealing one accessible stall in each room. It is important to note that although the stall doors each measure 36 inches wide, the entrance into the bathrooms is 32 inches. Each accessible stall door swung outwards, and contained two grab bars around the toilets. Sink height was 29 inches with plenty of clearance space underneath. The hand drier was motion censored and at an appropriate height. It was suggested that the table in the photo below be removed from inside the stall for more maneuvering space.

Picture of accessible washroom stall

Driving? Beside the venue there is a small paid parking lot however, it might fill up on busy nights. The nearest Green P is located at 351 Lippincott Street and the nearest accessible subway station is Bathurst station on Line 2. There are multiple curb cuts to access the venue from the street. Let us know if you get the chance to visit and experience an event by commenting below!

Note: The Tranzac has a second floor that is not accessible. If you’re interested in a particular event, call ahead to make sure it is in one of their three accessible rooms downstairs.

For upcoming events, check out their website at:

Review Team: Gillian Kyle and Ellen Flanagan

Review Team: Gillian Kyle and Ellen Flanagan