The Wren

Picture of the accessible entrance of The Wren

1382 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4J 1M9

Call for reservations: 647-748-1382

On a quest to find an interesting and accessible restaurant/bar that has lots to choose from including brunch, The Wren on the Danforth, is a great place to satisfy your cravings!

Picture of sidewalk level patio

Located near Coxwell Avenue and Danforth Avenue, The Wren’s big orange lettering is hard to miss. The small patio provides an inviting touch to the entrance, which is a single 34-inch door with a 1/4-inch raised threshold to get in. It is noted that only drinks are allowed to be consumed on the patio. The front door does not have an automatic push button. There are different seating options in The Wren including 40 inch high bar seating to 28 inch high short and long tables with removable seating.  For large parties, it’s good to call ahead.  The flooring is hardwood with smooth transitions.

Picture of varied tables inside The Wren
Picture of bar and entrance of The Wren from the inside.

Both the men and women’s washrooms are on the main floor and each have one accessible stall. The signage, however, is not clear and there are no automatic door openers into the bathrooms.  Once inside, the turning radius may be a little narrow, especially in the men’s washroom where there is a large pillar situated in the room that prevents the main door from opening past 90 degrees. The door width for both washrooms are 37 inches wide and the doors swing inward. The washrooms have 29 inch high sinks with relatively good clearance below. The paper towel dispensers are 52 inches from the floor which was accessible. Inside the stalls themselves there is no automatic flusher, however there are two grab bars with the toilets being 16.5-inches from the floor. In the men’s washroom, neither the grab bar nor the toilet paper dispenser is within easy reach from the toilet.

Picture of accessible washroom stall in women's washroom

Our visit took place around 4pm, just as it was opening for the evening crowd.  By 4:15pm patrons were already coming in.  The manager informed us that the early part of the evening is less crowded and by 6:00pm onward, it can get crowded, with the noise levels being quite high. As the bar is situated near the entrance, it might be challenging to navigate the space during these hours especially on Friday and Saturday. The menus are in black and white with fairly small print; however a bigger version of the menu with much of the same menu options is posted online. The restaurant has a country-western sort of feel with dimly lit chandeliers and wood fixtures on every wall. Known for its southern-style food and big portions, you are sure to leave The Wren on a full stomach.

The closest accessible Subway Station is Pape station on line 2, which is about a 20 minute stroll to The Wren.  There is limited street parking on Danforth. 

Picture of the review team: Daniel Ford and Fran Odette

Picture of the review team: Daniel Ford and Fran Odette