B'saha- CLOSED

599 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B5

Phone: (416) 536-9292

Previously a Toronto street food vendor, B’saha has opened up a permanent, and accessible, location on the corner of College St and Clinton St, bringing some Moroccan flavour to Little Italy.

B'saha storefront and entrance

The entrance to B’saha is barrier free and has only a slight incline to the doorway, which measures 35 inches wide. There is a ½ inch threshold upon entering, after which the restaurant floors are all one level, with a removable mat in front of the cash desk. The menu options are listed on a blackboard behind the counter, and a paper copy is also available in front of the cashier. The printed menu has text only and the print is fairly small with black and light green lettering which may be problematic for some readers. On our visit, the friendly staff were very willing to explain the menu items, especially as many dishes have their traditional Moroccan names. Lunch, dinner, and brunch is offered at reasonable prices, with a main course, soup/side dish, and beverage for about $20.

B'saha dining area

The space is well lit, with large front windows allowing for lots of extra sunlight during the day, and soft Moroccan style music playing in the background at a low volume. Staff mentioned that they do dim the lights and turn up the music during dinner. There are approximately 10 tables at a height of 29 inches from the floor, all with removable chairs. The narrowest pathway in the restaurant was on the way to the bathroom, at 35 inches wide.

B'saha washroom

There are two washrooms available at the back of the restaurant. Although not labeled as accessible, the washroom to the left features a clear floor space with lots of room to maneuver, two grab bars around the toilet (one L-shaped, one horizontal), a sink with empty space underneath that is 30 inches from the floor, and a baby change table. The paper towel dispenser is positioned above the sink and may be a bit hard to reach. There are no automatic features. This single occupancy washroom has a 34 inch wide door with a straight handle that opens outward.

Parking restrictions

B’saha is about 2 kilometres west of the accessible Queens Park subway station. There is also a Green P parking lot north of College on Clinton, which is open only after school hours (6pm onwards) and on weekends. There are gradual curb cuts at the intersection of College and Clinton and the sidewalk in front of the restaurant was free of sandwich boards or other barriers.

Checking out B’saha? Let us know how your experience was in the comments below!

Rick and Laura