895 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2H2

Phone: (416) 962-2825

Front entrance door

Sawasdee is a word used in Thailand to greet or welcome people. Jean dines at Sawasdee often and noted how the restaurant definitely lives up to its name! Every time she's eaten there, the staff have been very accommodating and friendly, and the accessible space makes it so that all can feel welcome. Not wanting to miss a good thing, we decided to check it out! 

Main dining room

Sawasdee’s front entrance is located on Yonge Street and measures 34” wide with a half-inch lip at the threshold to enter, there are no automatic features. Out front there is a small patio that unfortunately is not accessible, but the rest of the restaurant is! Once inside, you immediately notice the wide routes throughout the space. Floor surfaces are smooth, and mostly consist of hardwood and tile surfaces, with a few floor mats by the bar. Tables are 28.5” tall and have removable chairs that are all one style – padded with no armrests. The front of the restaurant has an abundance of natural light, which makes it brighter than the back during daylight hours. For those who prefer to dine in a relaxed atmosphere, the manager mentioned that the restaurant is typically quieter daily between 2pm to 5pm. Generally, the noise level in Sawasdee is minimal with light music playing in the back so that you can easily keep up with conversations, however this may change depending on how busy the space gets. The menu is written on coloured sheets, and is relatively easy to read because of its big black font. There are lunch specials that range from $6 to $8, and food is typically under $15, so it’s a good option for those on a budget!

Single occupancy washroom

There is one accessible individual washroom and another inaccessible men’s washroom at the back of the restaurant. For the single washroom, the door measures 34” wide and has handle fixtures. Inside, there is plenty of turning space around the toilet, which does not have automatic features, but does come complete with two grab bars located beside and behind. The sink is 32” high and 17” wide with plenty of clearance space below and a single lever faucet. Paper towels and the soap dispenser are both at an accessible height. The mirror, however, is quite high (48” from the floor) and unfortunately does not tilt down.

If you driving, the closest green parking is located at 37 Yorkville Avenue. For TTC riders, the closest accessible stop is Bloor-Yonge station. From Bloor-Yonge, Sawasdee, is about 5 to 10 minute walk north along Yonge Street.  

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Reviewers: Jean McCorkle and Julie Clores