145 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L2

Phone: (416) 869-3187

The name Tundra was chosen some fifteen years ago to reflect the Canadian-inspired cuisine that features heavily on the locally sourced menu. The décor of this beautiful, and accessible, space also pays homage to its northern roots by echoing features of the Canadian landscape.

Tundra main entrance

Tundra Restaurant and Bar is located on the lobby level of the Hilton Toronto hotel and can be entered via either Richmond Street or University Avenue. At the entrance there is a 4-panel revolving door that can be speed-controlled with two 35” automatic doors on either side.

Upper dining room

Once inside Tundra, the dining room is separated into an upper and lower level. The lower level is sometimes used as a private dining area but can also be used to enlarge the main space. Both levels can be accessed by a ramp that runs between the two, while also leading to the washrooms. The tables throughout are 28” tall and sturdy, and are accompanied by removable chairs with armrests. The staff are happy to accommodate seating based on individual need, as well as answer questions related to the space or menu. Located across the street from the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Tundra exhibits varying levels of activity and noise depending on: the time of day you attend, whichever shows might be playing, or whether the artist’s are engaging in some post-performance celebrating!

Washroom sink

Following the ramp connecting the upper and lower levels towards the back of the restaurant leads you to the washrooms. The door to enter is 33” wide and does not have automatic features. Once inside, there is an accessible toilet stall with plenty of clear floor space (59”x59”) and two slip resistant grab bars. The sink is 30” high and 30” wide with clear and open space below. The faucet fixtures are lever style. The soap and paper dispensers are also easily reachable.

If you are driving, the closet parking lot is about two blocks away at Nathan Philips Square (110 Queen St W). For those on public transport, the closest wheelchair accessible station is Osgoode which drops you only about a block away.

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Reviewers: Pat Fisher and Kenny Cordon