1221 Bay Street, Toronto, ON. M5R 3P5

Phone: (647) 348-7000

From the décor to the menu, Planta is true to its name with its lush plant life and vegan dishes. Located right near the intersection of Bay and Bloor, Planta recently opened its doors this past September and is already seeing a burst of popularity, so be sure to book a reservation in advance!

Planta entrance

Measuring 36 inches across and equipped with an automatic opener, the entrance is accessible and barrier-free with the exception of a small and stable rug. There is enough room to maneuver any standard wheelchair toward the dining area, and the linoleum floor provides a smooth travel surface. There are two emergency exits through the kitchen, and all doors leading to them are 35 inches wide and lead out to flat landings.

Upon entering Planta, you can’t help but notice the appealing atmosphere created by earth tones, wood textures, and natural light intermingled with soft yellow interior lighting. At lunch hour, soft music plays in the background while at dinner the tone becomes a bit livelier. From Thursday to Saturday, you will also be treated to a live DJ spinning some contemporary west-coast indie music, with quieter nooks available for those who prefer a more subdued dining experience. Due to its popularity, the venue is often filled with the voices of many patrons. The menu features a large sustainable wine selection, and entirely vegan options. The menu print, however, is rather small (approximately 12-point font) with no Braille alternative offered, which may prove a challenge for some diners. Luckily, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and explained that they had experience with accommodating both wheelchairs and individuals with service dogs in their establishment. 

Planta dining room

The dining area has multiple levels, with the top level, private function area, and bar unfortunately being inaccessible. However, the bottom dining area provides several standard height table options with removal seating, and plenty of space underneath the tables for a wheelchair, mobility aid, or service animal. There are some areas that are slightly tight but navigable with an, ‘excuse me’.

Toilet with grab bars

The bathroom is located down a hallway measuring 32 inches at the narrowest point and 36 inches on average. The entrance to the single occupancy bathroom is 32.5 inches. The toilet features a horizontal grab bar behind and an L-shaped grab bar to the left, it does not have automatic features. The sink from floor to counter top is 34 inches with full clearance underneath (though this is sometimes used for storage of booster seats), an 18.5 inch reach to the taps, and lever fixtures. We noticed, the soap dispenser was a bit too high for wheelchair access, but someone had thoughtfully placed an additional hand soap dispenser on the counter within reach.

Planta does not have designated parking lot, but there is a Green P close by at 37 Yorkville Avenue. The nearest accessible TTC station is Bloor-Yonge, but there is also a TTC bus stop at Bay and Cumberland Street.

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Reviewers: Tasha, Karlie and Credit