Miku Toronto

Picture of accessible entrance of Miku Toronto

10 Bay St #105, Toronto, ON M5J 2R8

Call for reservations: (647) 347-7347

A staple of premium sushi on the West Coast, Miku has brought their renowned Aburi-style cuisine to Toronto’s waterfront in a beautiful 7,000 square foot space!

Miku’s entrance is located inside the ground floor concourse of 10 Bay Street. The entrance to the building itself has automatic features, however, the restaurant’s main doors do not. When we visited, the hostess was on hand to open the door and greet us. The doors themselves each measure 35”. Both Chris and I were impressed with how spacious the entrance was but found it somewhat dark.

Picture of various standard height tables inside Miku Toronto

Once into the main dining room the space becomes bright and airy, with high ceilings, an abundance of natural light, and wide pathways. The floors are smooth tile throughout. There are plenty of seating options available at standard height 29” tables with removal chairs. Miku Toronto currently does not offer braille or large print menus. The staff were incredibly gracious and helpful during our visit. In speaking with the manager, I further learned that Miku is happy to accommodate within reason to ensure that each patron has a fantastic experience. Emergency exits are clearly marked within the space, and there are plans to create an outdoor patio in the summer!

Picture of tables and benches within the large dining space

The washroom is located just off the main dining room and has a 32” door to enter. The door does not have automatic features but Chris and I were pleasantly surprised by how light it was, with Chris being able to push in with ease. Inside there is a single accessible stall with a door measuring 32” and two grab bars. There are no automatic features for the toilet or locking mechanism. Chris also remarked that the stall was a bit tight but serviceable. There is a clear and open space in front of the 29” high automatic sink, and both the paper towel dispenser and soap were within reach. Both Chris and I noted that the washroom was dimly lit.

Picture of accessible washroom stall

We visited Miku Toronto prior to the dinner rush on a Saturday when the lighting in the main dining room was up and the music was low. The manager mentioned that they do dim the lights in the evening but can provide more light for individuals requiring it. The space is also likely to be louder throughout dinner, however, the high ceilings and generous space between tables assist in dispersing the noise.

For transport, Union station is accessible, as too is the 509 Harbourfront streetcar that stops directly in front of the building. There are several large parking lots nearby as well. The wide walkways and low curbs also make sidewalk drop-off a convenient option.

Picture of review team Christian Blake and Chris Tavares

Picture of review team Christian Blake and Chris Tavares