Via Cibo

808 York Mills Rd #14, Toronto, ON M3B 1X8

Call for reservations: (647) 352-7556

Picture of the accessible front entrance to Via Cibo

In a busy plaza at York Mills and Leslie St., we found Italian eatery Via Cibo that may just warrant a trip for any downtown resident. Via Cibo uses quality food to bring Italian street food to North York and they proudly do this in a great space with great customer service!  

The restaurant is accessed from a wide sidewalk that is a part of a plaza containing several wheelchair accessible parking spaces. There is one spot directly in front of the restaurant. Although not directly on the subway line, the 95 bus leaves frequently from the accessible York Mills subway station.

Picture of the counter where you pay for your order

The main entrance contains double doors that each measure 35 inches. There is no automatic door opener. There is a flat threshold and carpet only to the ordering counter. There is a small patio in the summer months in the front that although is level access is unfortunately not very accessible  due to poor clearance in between tables.

Upon entering, there are a series of pathways that take you from the food ordering counter to the cashier near the washrooms. Julian found that the counter to both order and pay at was a bit high up but staff were more than happy to pass down the pin pad or walk around to collect cash if needed. Via Cibo is all one level and built to reduce congestion in the entryway due to their serving model. The restaurant feels very casual as you order from a large board menu on the wall, but your food is made with the utmost care and brought to your table. There are various standard height tables available and all routes throughout are 40-50 inches wide. Emergency exits are clearly marked beside the washrooms. 

Picture of area where you order your meal and watch food prep
Picture of interior of restaurant. Pathway with people sitting at standard height tables.

As mentioned, the washrooms are located beside the cash-out counter. There is one male and one female washroom for all residents to use that is wheelchair accessible. Each room is very large with a 35 inch doorway, 2 grab bars (behind and beside the toilet), and automatic features the include the sink, dryer and toilet. The floating sink is 29 inches from the ground.

Picture of accessible washroom with grab bars

The lighting in Via Cibo mid-day on a Thursday was bright and the music was at a moderate level. Manager, David, advised us that the music and lighting stays the same throughout the day but they are able to accommodate if someone needed the noise level adjusted. Just ask! Although large print menus are not available, the staff welcome individuals to ask about the menu as many are unfamiliar with the delicious choices. Julian says get the Piadina.

Have you tried Via Cibo? Let us know what you think!