RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe- CLOSED

73 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S 1G4

Call: (416) 960-2233

Nestled in the very popular Annex neighbourhood is the charming RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe. Opened for almost 3 years, it offers a family-friendly environment for the creative child to play and for mom and dad to watch with a great tasting coffee.  The large ramp outside is hard to miss so we knew it was a place we needed to review!

The main entrance is 35 inches wide and it is accessed by a ramp divided into 2 sections to allow the slope gradient to be gradual. The width of the first ramp is 31 inches which is quite small considering the variety of widths of mobility devices and strollers. Please refer to our pictures to decide if the ramp is suitable for you. Julian was able to wheel up the ramp on his own with a reasonably small manual wheelchair. 

outdoor ramp into cafe

Once inside, the space is warm and inviting. There are various tables at standard height (29 inches) with removable chairs. The pathways were unobstructed and measured approximately 38 inches wide, however we visited at a relatively quit time on a Saturday morning. The space has no carpet. There is a second floor for various programming and a patio out back, however both spaces have stairs and there is no elevator. At the back of the first floor there a nice large arts and craft space. This means that parents or children using a mobility device still have a play space they can access.

back half of cafe with door leading to patio

The main floor does include the cash counter which is lower than most and a single accessible washroom for everyone to use. The doorway measures 35 inches wide and there is a L grab bar to the right of the toilet and a straight bar over the toilet. There is a change table and mini-steps for a child to reach the sink. The steps are easily moved aside for you to access the floating sink and soap dispenser. There are no automatic features available.

washroom with two grab bars

Parking in this area of the Annex is mainly available on the street. There is a lot beside the cafe but this is reserved for people attending church next door. Spadina subway station is thankfully a few blocks north and it is accessible. It is here where you can also access the the new Spadina streetcar which stops in front of the cafe.

arts and craft space on the first floor

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