Lansdowne Brewery

303 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, M6K 2W5

Call: (416)-588-1641

At the corner of College and Lansdowne, the spacious Lansdowne Brewery offers an excellent space to unwind and enjoy local craft beer and tasty food.

Approaching the venue, curb cuts allow for an easy transition towards the double-door entrance measuring 72 inches wide. Crossing the half-inch threshold, a spacious dining room features removable chairs, and tables that are  29 inches tall. Tucked at the back of the restaurant, the bar (40.5 inches high) entices you to try any one of their delicious craft brews. Patrons can choose to look to the featured tap specials written in large print on a chalkboard above the bar, or ask the friendly staff for a good selection.

Front entrance to lansdowne brewer

All on one level and non-carpeted, one can travel past the bar, through a hallway (43 inches wide), to the accessible washroom. The private, accessible washroom, has a 30-inch wide door that swings inwards into the spacious room. If using a wheelchair, you may want to check at this point if the light is turned on as it is located a bit high on the wall. Two long grab bars are situated beside and behind the toilet (one horizontal, one vertical). The sink is 30.5 inches high with ample clearing space underneath. Soap and paper dispensers can be easily reached on either sides of the sink. Located beside the accessible washroom is a clearly marked emergency exit (35 inches wide) which opens up to a 2-inch threshold and a ramp taking you back up to the street. There are no automatic features at this venue.

table space inside lansdowne brewer

Reviewed on a Sunday afternoon, the noise level was low, although the one room for both restaurant and bar could prove noisier at other times. The restaurant was well-lit at that time due to the large windows at the front of the venue allowing natural light to enter.

Thinking of driving to check out this spot? The nearest green P is located at 9 Bonar Place, about an eight-minute walk to the venue.  Alternatively, if taking the TTC, there is a bus stop at the College and Lansdowne intersection.

Bathroom with two grab bars beside and behind the toilet

Want the inside scoop? The venue hopes to branch out to having a patio this summer and to begin brewing their own craft beer. Let us know if you get a chance to drop by in the comments below!