I'll Be Seeing You

Picture of accessible entrance

747 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1H3

Call for reservations:(416) 778-9988

I’ll Be Seeing You, a brand new space in Riverside that is worth checking out for an early dinner and drinks or meeting up with friends on a Friday night to play some board games!

We were welcomed by one of the owners who greeted us into the charming restaurant/bar located in Riverside on Queen St. East.  It’s open every evening except Mondays. I'll Be Seeing You can only be entered from the front entrance on Queen Street E. There are no automatic features to the front entrance, however, the door is on a swing hinge allowing it to be pushed in or out.  There is a single 35.5" wide door to enter, as well as a small 1/2" lip transition to enter.  Directly beside the door are floor to ceiling windows. 

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Wide pathway featured.

The space is cozy inside and there are a number of different seating options, including a plush green velvet antique 3-seater couch. Other seating options include smaller tables for smaller parties and one long table, all of which are 28.5" high with removable cushioned bench seating with no backs.  There is seating along the bar, and seating arrangements toward the back of the restaurant with removable chairs with backs and 28.5” tables. 

Picture of green couch and coffee table for seating

The restaurant has cement floor surfaces with no transitions between the front door entrance to the back of the bar where the washroom is located. The restaurant can get busy on Friday and Saturday evenings and is often playing music on the speakers.   If you are looking for a time that might be a little quieter, weekdays was suggested.  The lighting varies between the front of the restaurant and where the bar is located, but for the most part the space is dimly lit.   If looking for natural light to play a board game (perhaps!), try to sit by the large windows at the front. Make reservations for a window seat as these are popular! 

The menu and drink list are printed on heavy stock paper, white font on black background. It is well organized and in a ~12pt font highlighting many different options ranging from nachos, spicy meatballs, and vegetarian options such as the flatbread with homemade dips. 

There is an accessible washroom on the main floor behind the bar.  There are no automatic features in this washroom.  The turning radius is somewhat tight before closing the door, which opens inward. There are two grab bars, one behind the toilet and one 28" grab bar on the wall. The toilet is 17" high and the sink has a 29" clearance below. The soap dispenser is freestanding and located near the sink and the paper towels are located on a shelf to the left of the sink. The existing mirror is located at 50” above the shelf. We were able to speak with one of the owners, and make a few recommendations regarding the height of the mirror, and toilet paper dispenser, which is currently on a freestanding pedestal and can be easily pushed over.   There is another set of washrooms the are not accessible downstairs. 

Picture of accessible washroom
Picture of large entrance to accessible washroom

Unfortunately, I’ll Be Seeing You isn't accessible by the subway however the 501 (east and west) streetcar can be accessed at the TTC streetcar stop at Broadview Avenue and Queen Street. If coming by car, there is metered street parking on Queen Street as well as some of the side streets near the restaurant.