Basil Box

Picture of accessible entrance of Basil Box

351 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1S1

Phone: (416) 351-8000

Basil Box has brought the bustling street markets of Southeast Asia to Yonge Street. One thing that separates Basil Box from Southeast Asian street markets? Basil Box is fully accessible.

The main entrance is a double set of doors located on Yonge Street with automatic features. Each door measures 36” however only one of the doors automatically opens. From the main entrance there is a gradual slope that leads to the service and dining areas.

Picture of the accessible entrance from the inside showing where the automatic door opener is located.

Basil Box is a bright and airy space with large windows, high ceilings and an open concept design that provides wide routes throughout. The floors are smooth tile. The restaurant is broken into two areas: one focused on ordering and perhaps a quick sit-down to eat, and the other that promotes longer stays. Orders are taken at a 36.5” high counter that Chris mentioned made seeing the ingredients a bit difficult due to the height. Menu options are displayed on screens above the counter. Basil Box does not currently offer print menus, however, in speaking with the owner, Peter, he mentioned that this is something that he would look into securing right away – stay tuned! For dining in, there are high-top and standard height tables with removable seating available.

Picture of accessible washroom stall

The washrooms are located off the main dining room. Both washroom doors have automatic features, however, Chris noted that the button for the men’s is somewhat awkwardly placed. Once inside there is a large accessible stall with two well-placed grab bars and an emergency alarm just in case. The toilet does not have automatic features but the flush handle was well-placed and easily usable. Sinks are 28” high with clear knee space beneath and automatic features. When leaving the men’s restroom the stall door can obstruct the automatic door button when fully open.

Picture of the accessible interior and tables of the Basil Box

When we visited Basil Box on a particularly sunny afternoon we found the place to be quite bright with the large ordering counter producing some glare. Not to worry though! The designer, Eric, came in for lunch as we were there and assured us that they would be getting in shades for the windows soon. The high ceilings and ample space between tables aid in dispersing noise even during the lunch rush.

There are lots of parking options in the area due to Basil Box’s proximity to Yonge and Dundas square. If taking the TTC, the accessible Dundas subway station is the closest.

It is worth noting that during our visit to Basil Box that both: the owner, Peter, and the designer, Eric, actively sought out and were incredibly receptive to our feedback.

Thanks for having us Basil Box!