Sugar Loaf Bakery

Picture of accessible entrance

729 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H1

Phone:(647) 847-6122

Located in the heart of the Riverside neighbourhood on Queen Street East is a unique artisan bakery called Sugar Loaf Bakery. This bakery isn’t your typical 'bakery'.  Instead it is more like a café where you can select from many tasty snacks and drinks sure to satisfy anyone’s morning or afternoon.

Sugar Loaf Bakery is definitely one of the most accessible cafés that I have seen in Toronto. When you approach the entrance there is a gently sloped ramp leading up to the 33.5-inch door.  To the right of the entrance is an automatic door button, with the door opening inward.

As soon as you enter, the space may be a little tight for someone who is using a motorized wheelchair or large scooter, however once you are inside, there is a fairly open space to maneuver around or wait while your drink or dessert is being made. All of the tables have 28-inches of clearance from the floor and have removable chairs. The flooring is all hardwood with no level change other than a small mat at the entrance that is secured to the floor.

Picture of entrance from the inside. Three standard height tables displayed

To get to the wheelchair accessible washroom located at the back of the café, you need to navigate through a 35-inch space between a seating area and the counter.  The washroom door is 37-inches wide and the door opens inward.  On the outside is an automatic door opener and a visual light which indicates that the door is locked and the washroom is in use.  Once inside the washroom, the area is spacious with lots of room to move around. Adjacent to the toilet is an L-shaped grab bar approximately 30-inch from the floor and another grab bar directly behind the toilet as well. The sink has a 29-inch clearance from the floor, and is 19-inches wide. Although there is no automatic faucet or flusher, there is an Emergency Push Button inside along with a large button to lock the door. The mirror inside is angled downwards on the wall and both the toilet paper holder and the paper towel holder are mounted 19-inches and 34-inches from the floor, respectively.

Picture of entrance of accessible washroom. Automatic push button to the left.
Picture of accessible washroom

This bakery just opened 3 months ago. I went in the morning around 10:30, and it wasn’t very busy.  After talking to the very friendly owner, I was told that it typically gets busy from 11:00am-3:00pm.  The owner also told me that currently there isn’t an online menu yet, but there will be in the coming months. There is plenty of dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options on the menu, all of which are homemade. They also sell homemade jams and cookies of many different flavours.

Picture of the accessible interior of bakery

The nearest major intersection is Queen East and Broadview, however, there isn’t an accessible subway station nearby. There is a public parking lot on Queen St., east of the Sugar Loaf Bakery, as well as metered parking along Queen St. east of Broadview. In addition, there is free street parking available on some of the neighbouring side streets.

It was an overall great experience. The owner made me feel welcome and I may have had the best tasting Latte I’ve had since moving to Toronto. Whether you are popping in for a quick coffee or looking for a place to have lunch, I would recommend checking this place out!