Small World Music Centre

180 Shaw St, Toronto, ON M6J 2W5

Call for information: (416) 536-5439

Small World Music Centre is a beautiful, accessible, high-quality listening room located inside Toronto Artscape’s Youngplace facility. It is a perfect venue to attend intimate performances, workshops and community events.

Picture of ramp in front of the building
Picture of accessible, double door entrance

The entrance to Artscape’s Youngplace is unobstructed, and consists of automatic double doors measuring 86 inches with a ¼ inch threshold. The door is accessed by a long, permanent concrete ramp and opens into a large vestibule. Upon entering the building, Small World Music Centre is accessed by an elevator with a 42 inch door, and an area of 78 x 60 inches.

Picture of accessible elevator

Small World Music Centre has a 38 inch door, which leads to an unobstructed, 52 inch hallway. The room has retractable seating, which allows for either a single level open room, or stadium seating with space at the front for mobility devices. The room contains a beautiful hardwood stage that is 15 inches from the ground.

Picture of stage and seating

The male and female washrooms both contain an accessible stall with an outward swinging door, a handle on the inside of the stall, and two grab bars (one horizontal over the toilet, and one diagonal on the adjacent wall). The 29 inch high floating sinks are unobstructed, and 87 inches in length. Soap and paper towel dispensers are at a height of 43 and 49 inches, respectively. There are no automatic features.

Picture of accessible washroom stall

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