Union Summer

The outdoor Union Station food market in downtown Toronto has returned for another year. Although this year it is organized by a different team, the feel is the same. The event will run until September 5th and there are 20 food vendors setup in front of Union Station ranging from sea food to burgers. 

Picture of outdoor market with people waiting in line to order food

I was happy to see what I believe is a larger seating area this year. There are a variety of tables with umbrellas setup over many of them for shade. It was very busy when I visited Saturday afternoon, but there were still a few tables free. 

Some of the vendors were setup to take visa or debit cards, but not all so you may want to bring some cash. Your best option for a wheelchair accessible washroom is inside of Union Station at street level. Everything there is still under construction so you may need to ask for assistance finding it it. 

Picture of one of True North food stand

The Union Station subway stop is wheelchair accessible so this is probably your best option as finding parking in the area can be challenging and expensive. Again, with the ever-changing layout of Union Station at the moment the path from the subway to street level isn't always obvious. 

The list of vendors and a bit more information from the City of Toronto can be found here