Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant

1835 Yonge St, #101, Toronto, ON M4S 1X8

Call for reservations: 416-932-8349

Picture of front entrance of Bikkuri. Patio not accessible is shown

On a quiet Friday afternoon, we walked into a Japanese restaurant just south of Davisville on Yonge St. called Bikkuri. There is another location on King St near the theater district, but this Yonge street location was much quainter and accessible!

Off the unobstructed, wide sidewalk was the patio for the restaurant near the entrance. However, the multiple steps up made it not accessible for Michael using a manual wheelchair. The main entrance also did not include an automatic door opener, but staff were helpful in opening the large door upon arrival. The entry way measured 32 inches which led to a large vestibule with another door measuring 36 inches to enter into the dining area. The double doors definitely assisted with decreasing the noise from the always busy Yonge St.

Picture of main dining area in front of restaurant. Standard height tables shown.

The main dining area is located in the front of the restaurant where all tables are standard height. There are booths located at the back with a one step access up, where I (Michael) chose to eat for a little more privacy while my wheelchair was brought to the entrance. There is a great sushi bar also that seats 4 and measures at standard height (30 inches)! All pathways were approximately 50 inches wide.

Picture of sushi bar

The accessible washroom is located in the back and is a stand alone spacious room. There are no automatic features within the space, but there are 2 grab bars (one horizontal above the toilet and one diagonal beside), a roll-in sink and a door width of 35 inches.

Picture of accessible washroom

Overall, the service was quick and professional however be expected to be a little directive with staff regarding any special needs. We felt that the staff were unfamiliar with types of disability, but kind enough to accommodate when asked. Also of note, do not be afraid to ask for a fork as only chopsticks are presented on the table. Noise levels were very low in the restaurant, but it was a slower time of day. Lighting was much brighter in the front due to the natural light and become dimmer at the back and near the washroom.

This restaurant is located two blocks south of the accessible Davisville subway station. Make note that when traveling south, there is a downhill slope (conversely, traveling north from the restaurant on Yonge St will be uphill). If driving, there is public parking lots along Merton St.

Anything we missed? Please let us know below!