Daily Press Juicery

Picture of accessible entrance of the Daily Press Juicery

200 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z2

Daily Press Juicery is an accessible juice bar located on Queen West. The Daily Press Juicery specializes in making fresh juices with a hydraulic press using a unique technique to create cold-pressed juices. These juices are made from a combination of fruits and vegetables that can provide a boost to your immune system or detox your body.

It is difficult to find accessible spaces on Queen Street West so I was happy to stumble upon this place when I did. The entrance has a short, but steeper slope to get in (if my calculations are correct, it is over 1-metre long = 1:6 slope), and automatic door buttons are on the inside and outside of the building. The outward swinging door has a 36-inch wide frame and has a ¼-inch lip to overcome.

Picture of interior of the juicery. Wide pathway displayed throughout space

Once inside, the floor is all finished concrete with no level changes. There are two bench-like tables in the juice bar that are 29-inches high, but require at least 25-inches of clearance to sit comfortably underneath them which come with removable seating. The other seating options are higher tables attached to the wall near the entrance that have a 38-inch clearance and removable bar stools.

Picture of ramp to washroom with railings

Behind the front counter there is a gently sloped ramp with railings on each side leading up to the accessible washrooms. There are identical male and female accessible washrooms that each have the doors opening inwards, and a door frame of 35-inches wide. Aside from not having automatic flush buttons or door openers, inside it is very spacious with appropriately placed grab bars and clothing hooks. The standard toilet has a bowl height of 17-inches, and there is one grab bar located directly above the toilet parallel with the ground. The other grab bar is 30-inches above the floor on a 45-degree angle located beside the toilet. There are two toilet paper dispensers in each washroom, one is 22-inches from the ground, and another is directly above it 49-inches from the ground. The sink has 29-inches of clearance beneath it and the piping underneath is insulated to ensure people don’t burn themselves by getting too close. The soap dispenser is push-operated and free-standing, and the paper-towel dispenser is 37-inches from the ground. Both the sink and the door handles have handle levers making it easier to manipulate.

Picture of accessible washroom

This juicery has a modern-age feel to it and the freshly-made colourful juices are beautifully showcased on the right side of the store, which you are able to sample! When I was there I tried the ‘Sunset Blvd’ which was recommended as a great morning drink after a long night (it was very good!). Aside from great tasting healthiness in a bottle, the staff I spoke too were very friendly and readily available to answer any questions about the products.

Daily Press Juicery is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am-9:00pm and 10:00am-9:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. This juicery is at the Queen West and St. Patrick Street intersection, and Osgoode subway station on Line 1 is just 2 minutes away. There is public parking at a garage on St. Patrick if you are traveling by car.

Check-out there website where you can find details about their juices and what goes into them at dailypressjuicery.ca.