The Opera House

Picture of the accessible entrance of the Opera House

735 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H2

Family-owned for 26 years, the historic Opera House strives to make their space, and weekly events/concerts, accessible for all. While not all levels of the venue are fully accessible,with the help of the very friendly staff, their “we can make it work” attitude ensures that if you have a passion for music, this is a welcoming place to go. They ask that if you have accessibility requirements, call ahead and arrive five minutes before general admission to get settled in. Ever been to The Opera House or planning to go? We welcome your comments in the box below!

Picture of double doors upon entering venue

Approaching the entrance to the building, two sets of double-doors (58 inches) give way to a ramp leading into the venue. On concert nights, security guards are holding the doors open and are available to assist people up the ramp should they find the gradient steep. Once up the ramp, another set of double-doors (58 inches) leads you into the back level of the venue, where the bar (43 inches high), accessible seating, and a private washroom are located.

Picture of accessible washroom

The private washroom is located to the right, door width measuring 35 inches, with a ½ inch threshold. There are no automatic features and the door must be opened and closed using a circular door handle. The total stall measures 65 x 72 inches, with two grab bars, one horizontal and one vertical, each measuring 32 inches (see image below). At the time of the review, the soap was located on top of the sink which measures 29 inches wide and 37 inches high, while toilet paper was on the back of the toilet. This washroom is reserved only for those with accessibility requirements. An emergency exit sign is clearly marked and located behind the accessible seating area where people enter the venue.

The venues interior is covered in hard, flat stone that is easily traversed. The fully accessible  back level of the venue is separated from the middle level by two, 5-inch steps, with railings on either side. The same steps and railings separate the middle level from the front level of the venue.  

The nearest parking lot is located at 111 Broadview Avenue, an estimated 2-minute walk to the venue. As the venue is not located close to one particular subway station, depending on where you are traveling from, the best accessible route using TTC can be found using TTC trip planner, located on the TTC website.

For a list of upcoming events that you may want to check out, see the link posted below!

Again, accessible seating is located at the back of the venue so call ahead to see how your unique needs can be accommodated.

Picture of third level seating area that is accessible