Paramount Fine Foods

1250 Bay Street Toronto, ON M5R 2A7                                               

Phone: (416) 960-3434

In the mood for falafel, hummus, kebab, freshly baked bread and hand-made sweets? If so, then Paramount Fine Foods is the place for you! Located on Bay Street just north of Bloor, Paramount Fine Foods is a bright, pleasant, and accessible space. 

Front entrance

Paramount has a level 55 inch wide entrance complete with an automatic door opener. In winter, there is an unsecured mat immediately inside the main doors. Paramount offers both dine in and take-out options. A selection of dishes can be found on a poster at an easily manageable eye height, and with font large enough for somebody with a visual impairment to peruse without difficulty. The menu itself has text just a little on the small side, but the font is clear and legible, and every item is paired with a large, detailed picture! The friendly and helpful staff are also more than happy to make simple accommodations to ensure that your experience is easy and enjoyable.

Dining room tables

For those choosing to dine in, Paramount has several standard height (30 inch high) tables with removable seating. Route widths between tables vary, with 24 inches wide being the tightest; however, most areas between are closer to 36 inches. The dining room itself is filled with rich scents, low background music, soft yellow lighting, and a wall of gently flowing water. There is also a well-indicated accessible emergency exit that measures 33 inches across and leads to a flat sidewalk. For a casual and enjoyable dining experience, Paramount Fine Foods provides safety, convenience and comfort all within a fantastic, accessible space.

Toilet with grab bars in single occupancy washroom

The large single occupancy washroom is located down a spacious hallway off the main dining room. Inside, the aesthetic is a blend of sparkling dark marble and ornate gold trim bathed in warm yellow lights. The door is equipped with automatic features and opens inward. The toilet, which matches the dark décor of the room, is 18 inches high and features two grab bars. There is a pull string within reach in case of emergencies, and a low change table located in the space. The sink and mirror are both situated at manageable heights, with the sink having substantial clearance, lever taps and an automatic soap dispenser. The paper towel dispenser might be a bit high for some at 55 inches from the floor but there is an automatic hand drier at 34 inches. 

Paramount Fine Foods does not have designated parking lot, but there is a Green P close by at 37 Yorkville Avenue. The nearest accessible TTC station is Bloor-Yonge, but there is also a TTC bus stop at Bay and Cumberland Street.

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Authors: Karlie Chalmers & Tasha Barbour (& Credit)