The Rec Room

Picture of accessible entrance

255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON  M5V 3M9

Call: (416) 815-0086

A space for both young and old arcade lovers has come to Toronto! The downtown Rec Room has over 40,000 square feet of games, food, and live entertainment!

Upon arriving at The Rec Room the entrance was clear of obstructions, well lit, and the pavement was level. The automatic door is 37.5-inches with a ½-inch threshold and directly inside there was ample space to park a scooter. The venue contains state of the art gaming, a stage for live entertainment, and flexible meeting spaces for private events.

Picture of accessible interior of the Rec Room

With 40,000 square feet the hallways and routes are wide and unobstructed. Even the most narrow hallway was 59-inches wide. In the venue all staircases have sturdy handrails, are wide, and have edges clearly marked. All level changes also are accessible by 43-inch wide ramps. The Rec Room floors are wood or contain very thin carpets.

Picture of ramps within the Rec Room

The well-lit venue contains two areas for food and drinks. The first, Three10 is a sit-down restaurant inspired by Canada's vast and varied landscapes. The restaurant contains tables at 29.5-inches and 30.5-inches with moveable chairs. The second, The Shed, is counter service style with areas of service at both 42.5-inches and 34-inches. In fact, all the service counters (for example the ticket purchasing area) have two heights of counter service.

Picture of accessible washroom
Picture of adjustable change table

There are two large accessible washrooms with automatic doors, locks, and emergency buttons. The entrance door is 37-inches and has a lever handle. The sink has 30-inches of clearance underneath and a tilted mirror. The washroom contains a horizontal grab bar above the toilet, and an L-shaped grab bar adjacent to the toilet. The washroom contains a change table for babies with 27-inches of clearance bellow. It also contains a motorized, adjustable height, adult-size change table!

The staff were exceptionally friendly, and knowledgeable about their accessibility features. This was especially evident when exploring The Void. The Void is a fully immersive virtual world and dimension that engages sight, sound, touch, smell and motion. The friendly staff demonstrated to us the way they set up a readily available ramp to make the void space accessible. In addition, there are also clips that are available to attach the visual reality pack to a wheelchair.

If arriving by public transit, the closest accessible subway station is Union. Additionally, the accessible 509 Harbourfront streetcar stops at Queens Quay West at Rees Street. The closest accessible paid parking is in the MTCC lot accessed from Lower Simcoe Street.

Picture of the accessible arcade area in the Rec Room