The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

Picture of accessible entrance to the Keg

2201 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2B2

Call: (416) 484-4646

Why not tonight? Rarely is there a reason not to dive into a juicy steak. The Keg Steakhouse and Bar at Yonge and Eglinton is a great spot for anything from a hot date to a nice family dinner. They also offer vegetarian options, a kid’s menu and great specialty cocktails.

Picture of lift at entrance of the Keg

This location is just a stones throw from the accessible Eglinton subway station. There are cut out curbs at the crosswalks and flat pavement on the sidewalk leading to the front entrance which has double doors each measuring 35” wide. One is operated by an automatic door opener. The main entrance is kept clear of obstructions and you can get down to the large lower foyer area either by a set of steps with sturdy railings or, there is a lift/elevator that measures 54” by 38”. There is always helpful staff waiting to help you at the entrance upon your arrival. There is also ‘Pace Parking’,  a paid-parking garage in the building next to the Keg with accessible parking spaces available. (For more details on parking: )

Picture of accessible interior of the Keg

The main level is a combination of tile flooring and short-length carpeting that is easy to navigate with a wheelchair- or after a Keg sized glass of merlot… or two. The majority of the restaurant is one level, aside from one part of the dining area which is raised with steps to access it. The dining area has all standard 29” table heights throughout and there are some high top tables in the bar area. There is approximately 54” spacing to manoeuver between the tables when all the chairs are pushed in, however there are some places where you may need to ask for a chair to be tucked in if the restaurant is busy. Staff and other steak enthusiasts were happy to clear any chairs in our path when we visited.

Picture of accessible washroom

The washroom doors are 35” wide and have an accessible stall measuring 62” by 60” and the door width is also 35”. There are grab bars, both above and beside the toilet. The toilets require a button to flush. The counters are 29” high and are open underneath. The taps are operated automatically with motion sensors and there are paper towel dispensers for hand drying, no air dryers.

Picture of accessible dining area of the Keg

There is generally dim lighting throughout the restaurant, which contributes to the cozy and intimate mood, along with an absence of loud music. The menus have black print on white paper for good contrast, but the writing is a little small and could be difficult to read for some. Rest assured, the extremely helpful and friendly staff would be able to assist with selecting delicious items from the menu to appeal to all kinds of taste buds!