Downsview Hub

Picture of interior of the Downsview Hub. Small table with orange chairs displayed

70 Canuck Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M3K 2C5

For anyone looking for an event space to rent in the Downsview neighbourhood, Canada Lands has created an accessible venue within Downsview Park for the community to use at no charge!

The approx. 2700 square foot room is located on the main floor of the offices of Canada Lands and was initially created as a hub for the community to come in and be educated on the current and future development plans of the impressive Downsview Park, just west of Downsview subway station. The Hub is only open on Saturday between 10-2pm, so the staff decided six months ago to open up the doors during the week for anyone that needed a space to work or play! All bookings are done online here:

The park is very large so make note that the Hub is actually located closer to Keele St., off of Sheppard, within the park. Construction is under way to create a new subway station within the park, but until then I would recommend only accessing the Hub via Wheel Trans or car.  The 101 bus that enters the park is only seasonal and trails in the vicinity are currently obstructed with construction fences. Fortunately, there is free parking with one wheelchair accessible spot.

Picture of the interior of the Downsview Hub. TV and AV equipment shown on wall.
Picture of smooth concrete floors and moveable tables

To access the front door, there is a graded ramp with railing beside a flight of stairs. The front doors have an automatic button and measure 40 inches each. Please note that for anyone entering the facility, you need to buzz #3 to open the door for security purposes.

Picture of the front of the building. Long ramp displayed on the left
Picture of the accessible front door of the building

The Downsview Hub includes a flat screen and AV equipment for presentations. Only one table, with 2 side tables are available for use but I was told that fold up tables may be available upon request. Approx. 30 chairs are available and all the informational items on display are moveable except a scale model of the park. The space is brightly lit and free Wifi is going to be offered in the near future.

A single wheelchair accessible washroom is available just outside of the event space past the female washroom through the swinging door. The door width is 34 inches and the space inside is 75x75 inches. There is a floating sink 28 inches from the floor with a change table for families. There is only one grab bar beside the toilet and no automatic features.

Picture of the accessible washroom

Please check out this great new initiative north of the 401 and let us know what you think!