Trinity Common

303 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M2

Phone: (647) 346-3030

In the heart of the eclectic Kensington Market neighbourhood, you’ll find Trinity Common offering delicious barbeque-based pub grub and over 30 beers on tap, this is the type of spot where you can bring a date, a group of friends, or just stop by solo to catch a game and enjoy the menu.

trinity common front exterior view

As you approach Trinity Common you’ll notice the sidewalk patio out front. This outdoor space has 29 inch high picnic tables with removable bench seating. Table service on the patio is only available in the summer; however, during the colder months you’re welcome to warm up around the cosy fire pit! For those who would rather head indoors, the entrance to Trinity Common is a 35 inch door with no automatic features. As you cross the threshold, there are curtains, to block the winter winds, that you’ll need to move aside.

Trinity Common Interior

Inside, Trinity Common is all on one level with the exception of the stage. Flooring is hardwood and routes are quite wide throughout. Seating includes bar height surfaces with 29 inch high stools, and standard height tables with removable seating. The enormous front windows provide lots of natural light during the day with evening lighting being dimmer. When we visited around 4 pm, there was music playing in the background at a volume where we could comfortably hold a conversations. However, after 9 pm on weekends and some weeknights Trinity Common turns up the jams with a DJ and live entertainment. Menu pricing ranges from $6 to $23 with daily specials, and don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you have any questions, as we found them to be more than accommodating.

toilet with grab bars, and paper towel dispenser

There are separate men’s and women’s washrooms, and an individual accessible washroom. The individual restroom, has a 35 inch wide door with lever handles. Inside, the space is well lit with clear floor space. The toilet is manual flush, and includes a diagonal grab bar on one wall and horizontal grab bar behind. The sink is 32 inches from the finished floor and provides clearance underneath. Paper towel and soap dispensers were located just above sink height. Extra paper towel was placed on top of the paper towel dispenser which some may find difficult to access if the main roll runs out. The washroom featured one mirror above the sink as well another that was on the ground along the side wall – helpful for an outfit check but be mindful not to snag it when navigating around!

There is lots of on street parking throughout the Kensington market but for those preferring a lot, the closest is at 20 St Andrew Street. However, there are no elevators in the facility making it not accessible if you’re parking above the first floor. For those hoping to TTC, the closest accessible station is Queen’s Park, which is about a 15 minute walk, or roll, from Trinity Common. Another option is to take the new and accessible Spadina streetcar and get off at College Street.

Trinity Common will be playing host to the Kensington Market Jazz Festival until February 26. Check out their website for more details. If you do stop by let us know your impressions of the space in the comments below!