Halo Brewery

247 Wallace Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 1V5

Phone: (416) 606 - 7778

On a windy, sunny, afternoon in March we visited Halo, an accessible brewery, tasting room, and bottle shop located in the Junction Triangle. Halo is an open source brewery: all of the recipes for the beers created by founders and co-owners Eric Portelance and Callum Hay are available online.

seating area and bar

While we explored, the friendly staff were busy bottling a new batch of Shapeshifter beer, which is their first fermented with Vermont yeast and described as a sour IPA.

entrance door

Halo is accessed from a wide, unobstructed sidewalk. The front door is 34 inches wide and although it is not automatic, the staff are happy to hold it open. Once inside, the space is bright with lots of creative lighting and large windows that let in natural light. When we visited during the afternoon, there was low music playing in the background. Although not a large space, Halo does offer different styles of tables (13-inch, 26-inch, and 40-inch heights available), each with removable seating, that allows for choice and comfort.


The washroom has a door with a width of 31 inches and a straight handle. Surrounding the toilet are two grab bars (one horizontal over the toilet, and one diagonal on the adjacent wall). There are no automatic features. The sink measures 31 inches from the floor with clearance space underneath. The towel and soap dispensers were 50 and 40 inches high respectively.

If using transit, the closest wheelchair accessible station is Dundas West. Street parking is available half a block (in either direction) from the brewery, and there is a Green P at 695 Lansdowne Avenue.

When visiting Halo, be sure to check out the taster flight with four 5-ounce pours so that you can truly experience the artistry and experimentation of their craft brews, and let us know how your experience was in the comments below.