Beiruti Grand Café- CLOSED

Every year AccessTO teams up with the University of Toronto's Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy to speak with the future generation of healthcare professionals about accessibility, universal design and inclusion. As part of their continued learning, these students go on to conduct a review of the accessibility for one of their favourite spots, and we share the best of what they put together with you!

 Special thanks to OT Students: Katie Buckley, Janice Chan, Jacob Leung and Carrie Long for the great review.

 155 Consumers Rd #101, North York, ON M2J 0A3

 Phone: (416) 491-2227

Beiruti Grand Café is a bright, clean and accessible restaurant located on a quiet street near Victoria Park and Sheppard Avenue. As part of its mission, Beiruti Grand Café strives to provide a delicious French-Mediterranean food experience for customers all within a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

To enter Beiruti Grand Café there are two sets of doors. The first has an automatic button to the left of the entrance and the second is a large automatic sliding door. Both the doors provide a wide route through which to enter.

beiruti exterior

Inside, Beiruti Grand Café is brightly lit by both ceiling lights and natural light, and features large, open floor space with substantial clearance between tables throughout. Seating options include standard height (29 inch) and high (33 inch) tables with removable seating. Chairs include both backrests and armrests for support. During the lunch rush, the space can become quite loud as customers filter in to take advantage of the affordable lunch options, with a meal costing between $10 and $20.

beiruti dining room

Customers order from a service counter where menu items are displayed in a brightly lit case no higher than 36 inches. The menu is also featured in large font text on the monitors above the counter and a printed copy can be found in front of the cashier. The service counter where customers then pay for food measures 38 inches high with no clearance space underneath. To eliminate barriers related to the counter height, staff at Beiruti Grand Café are incredibly friendly and attentive to customer needs, so if you’re dining in they’ll happily bring your food to your table.

restroom toilet with grab bars

Off the main dining room, you can find an individual accessible restroom with a light inward-swinging door with lever-style handles. Inside, there is 360 degrees of turning space. The toilet features an automatic flushing system, and toilet paper dispenser is mounted close by and 15 inches off the ground. Three slip-resistant grab bars have also been installed behind and next to the toilet The sink is 31 inches wide and 29 inches high with clear space underneath, and features an automatic tap and dryer.

Beiruti Grand Café is not only accessible by two popular 400 series highways, but for those taking public transit, the restaurant is located about two minutes from an accessible TTC stop. Transit riders can take the subway to Don Mills station, from there the 85 bus will drop you right near Beiruti Grand Café. For those arriving by car, there are four free accessible parking spots right in front of the entrance.

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