633 King Street West, Toronto ON, M5V 1M5

Phone: (416) 944-1932

Oretta presents both authentic and modern Italian cuisine in a chic, inviting environment. Enjoy Oretta’s food for lunch or dinner, or head around back to Oretta Café for a drink or snack in a more cozy setting.

oretta main entrance

Oretta’s two-door main entrance measure 36 inches wide and features automatic door openers. It’s worth noting that the second door opens towards the automatic door opener button, which can create a tricky maneuvering situation to get out of it's way. However, the friendly staff near the entrance are happy to assist those who are having any difficulty negotiating.

Once inside Oretta, there is a small opening to pass by the front desk before opening into the expansive dining room. The restaurant features a number of bar and high top tables, alongside standard height (29 inch) tables with removable seating, and banquette tables. Some chairs offer armrests, however not all. The amount of space between tables varies, with some areas of the dining room being more spacious than others. There's a separate dining room located on the second level that is used for private events that is only accessible via a set of stairs.

oretta dining room

When we visited Oretta, music was playing in the background at a reasonable volume; however crowd noise during busy times can make the space louder. The main dining room is well lit with an abundance of natural light during the day; however lighting is dimmed down in the evening. The font size on print menus is small and there are no alternative menus but staff members are very friendly, and are always willing to help customers who require assistance. 

oretta restroom, sink and toilet

The accessible single occupancy washroom is located towards the back of the restaurant. This individual bathroom has a lever handle as well as automatic door opener to enter. Upon entering, there is a large unobstructed space. The height of the sink is 34 inches off the ground with clearance underneath, and with soap and paper dispensers located nearby. The toilet is surrounded by two slip resistant grab bars on the back and side walls.

Oretta Cafe bar

Oretta Café is connected through the back of the restaurant and offers espresso-based coffee, house-baked pastries, and food to go. Because the café is open earlier, it features a separate entrance located down a laneway off of King Street that does not have an automatic door opener. As such, some might wish to use Oretta's main entrance. The space itself offers a few high top and standard height tables if you’re interested in stopping in to eat.

The nearest accessible subway stop to Oretta (1.5km away) is St. Andrew. It is important to note that the King streetcar that travels between St. Andrew station and Oretta is not accessible. For those, arriving by car there is paid street parking on King Street during limited hours as well as a paid public underground parking lot located in the Thompson Residences next to Oretta.

Dining at Oretta? Thinking of stopping in for a coffee? Let us know how your experience was in the comments below!