Bandit Brewery

2125 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1X1

Phone: (647) 348-1002

Located in the heart of Roncesvalles, Bandit Brewery is an open and inviting space with an airy, comfortable atmosphere. This accessible brewery has a bottle shop, tasting room, and delicious menu to pair with the brews created on site.

bandit brewery exterior

Bandit Brewery is accessed from a wide, barrier free sidewalk off of Dundas St. In front, you’ll notice a large gravel patio that was unfortunately closed during our visit, but which is slated to open up as the weather gets nicer. You enter the brewery itself through the bottle shop, where there is a one-inch lip to get in the front door, which measures 33 inches wide. There are no automatic features, but the door can be propped open and staff are always available to open the door if needed. From the bottle shop, there is a short, 35-inch wide ramp in place to enter into the tasting room.

bandit brewery entrance

The tasting room is very bright and spacious, with the narrowest route measuring 40.5 inches wide. The large, garage door windows allow for plenty of natural light to come in. There are multiple table styles and heights (28-inches, 30-inches, 39-inches) with removable chairs as well as benches.

bandit brewery tasting room

The individual washroom is located towards the back of Bandit Brewery and has a door width of 28 inches with a lever handle. Inside is somewhat dimly lit; however, there is lots of turning space (92inches x 122inches). There is an L-shaped grab bar to the right of the toilet and another horizontal grab bar behind but when we were there the horizontal bar was being blocked by toilet paper stacked on the back of the toilet. The sink is 28 inches from the floor and has clear space underneath. We were also pleasantly surprised to see that the sink also features a tilted mirror over it. The soap and towel dispensers are located 38 and 41 inches from the floor respectively.


If travelling to the Bandit Brewery by transit, the closest accessible station is Dundas West. Street parking is available nearby on Howard Park Ave and Roncesvalles Ave.

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