134 Peter Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2H2

Phone: (416) 304-9134

Located in Toronto’s entertainment district, Ricarda’s restaurant and bakery describes itself as a place for Mediterranean style food coupled with good conversation and laughter. Ricarda’s has something for everyone, offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Their diverse service extends beyond traditional menus, as customers have the option to grab a drink, dine in, share food from the tapas menu, or grab food to go from the bakery or restaurant.

Peter Street Accessible Entrance

The accessible entrance for Ricarda’s is located at 134 Peter Street. This double door entrance is 38 inches wide and is equipped with automatic door openers. Upon entering the building, Ricarda’s door-less entrance is located to the left of the grand hallway.

Inside Ricarda’s boasts a sophisticated marketplace feel, with the kitchen and bakery displayed centrally within the space. The dining area allows for both booth and table seating. Tables are 30 inches in height and there are stable chairs complete with armrests. Spacing in the hallways and between tables allows for good maneuvering throughout. Ricarda’s has an elevator leading to a second floor patio. The elevator itself has a door that is 37 inches wide, and an interior space of 60 inches by 68 inches.

Ricarda's Dining Room

A single occupancy accessible washroom is located towards the rear of Ricarda’s down a 40 inch wide hallway. The door leading into the bathroom is 37 inches wide with an automatic door opener and lever handles. Individuals using a mobility device may need to maneuver slightly to allow the door to close. Once inside, the space is large and unobstructed. The grab bar located near the toilet is 30 inches above the floor and slip resistant. The sink is 33 inches high with clear space beneath, however the soap and paper dispensers may be difficult for some to reach.

Ricarda's single occupancy restroom

Ricarda’s is well lit with lots of natural lighting during the day but lighting does dim into the evening. The font size on print menus and chalkboards displayed throughout the restaurant were discernable to these reviewers, however others may find some chalkboard elements difficult to make out. There are no alternative menus, however staff members are incredibly courteous and willing to accommodate.   

Ricarda's Chalkboards

Ricarda's is less than 1km from Osgood subway station, which is an accessible station. The closest parking is located at 302 Queen Street West and 120 Peter Street.

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