Centre for Social Innovation Annex Cafe

Picture of accessible entrance of the cafe

720 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4

 CSI Annex is a beautifully restored co-working and innovation space. On the ground floor is a locally sourced community café that is open to the public and has a mandate that prioritizes community and social benefit. The well lit café is located near the accessible Bathurst St. subway station, and on the accessible 94 Wellesley line. The closest Green P lots are at Bloor and Lippincott St or Bloor and Palmerston St.

Picture of the way finding sign at the front of the building regarding accessibility features

The entrance was easy to find due to the clear sign and sandwich board on the sidewalk. The outer sign displayed the accessible route for different floors. We entered using the south entrance in order to go to the CSI Annex café. The entryway measures 38 inches wide, with an automatic door button. Upon entry there is an option to take the 5 stairs that are wide, non-slip, with sturdy handrails, or ring the bell for assistance to use the lift. The friendly staff are located about 10 feet from the lift, and therefore are quick to provide assistance. The lift is 40 x 49 inches and key operated.

Picture of the lift beside the flight of stairs

The café, which plays low background music, contains tables measuring 28 or 29 inches high with varied style chairs.  The routes are unobstructed and clear. The service counter is 41.5 inches high and there are printed menus available in addition to the clear contrast menu on the wall.

Beyond the café is the accessible, gender neutral washroom. The entrance hallway is 41.5 inches wide. There are two grab bars surrounding the toilet and a large space in front and beside the toilet. Soap and dryer are easily accessed around the 29 inch tall floating sink, however there are no automatic features. The doorway measures 35 inches wide with an automatic door button and includes a lever handle as well as a lowered hook behind the door to hang items. The washroom also contains a tilted mirror, change table, and personal shower.

Picture of sinks in the accessible washroom
Picture of the accessible washroom including 2 grab bars

Check out the café or their website for more information about how the co-working space works and how they prioritize people and the planet in every decision they make: https://socialinnovation.org/csicafe/