Gallery Grill | Hart House

Picture of accessible entrance

7 Hart House Circle,  2nd Floor,Toronto, ON M5S 3H3   

Since its opening in 1995, Gallery Grill has become a popular venue, both for lunch and for private parties for which a wide variety of rooms are available. Both the award winning chef and the affable restaurant manager, and of course the venue itself, account for its popularity.

Gallery Grill is located within Hart House and is open for brunch on Sundays between 11am-2pm and lunch everyday during the week between 11:30am-2:20pm. Built in 1919 and given to the University of Toronto by Vincent Massey, Hart House  was constructed in the Gothic style of the English universities he attended. During its first few decades it was formal, restricted and inaccessible and stood in all its splendour as one of the University’s architectural treasures.  Now approaching 100 years, it is still a treasure…. casual, inclusive and with constantly improving accessibility.

Picture of ramp to the main entrance of the Hart House

Hart House is built as a large rectangle with entrances at either end. The Gallery Grill is in the south-east corner of the second floor. If taking Wheel-Trans, you will be dropped off at the Memorial Tower which is at the western end of the building. Just past the Tower overpass, you will see a wide cement ramp which leads to one of the Hart House entrances. There are 2 automatic entry buttons: one on the right to go to the Gallery Grill and the one on the left leads to the Art Museum on the main floor. Following the former will lead to the central corridor at the Reception Desk. About half way down the hall, on the left side is the elevator to the second floor with the width of the entrance measuring 39 inches and a dimension of 78x85 inches.

Picture of elevator to the second floor

To access the Gallery Grill, there are 2 steps that lead down into the Lounge with a door measuring 36 inches. A portable ramp is available. Three tall, leaded glass windows provide natural light which is enhanced by two very large chandeliers. A natural wood fireplace adds intimacy and sturdy, but moveable tables and chairs, make this a very usable space.

Picture of accessible lounge

The Dining Room is adjacent to the Lounge and true to its name, is in the Gallery overlooking the Great Hall. It is one step down and can be accessed by the portable ramp.  At this time, we are limiting our accessibility assessment to the Lounge only due to inaccessible tables and chairs that the staff informed us will be replaced soon.

Picture of dining area of Gallery Grill. This area not accessible at this time

The staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. They readily offer assistance in seating guests comfortably.

Washrooms are accessed from the hallway, a short distance from the Lounge. The washrooms do not have an automatic door and the door width is only 29 inches that may be inaccessible for individuals using larger accessibility devices. However, Heart House does have an accessible washroom one floor down, adjacent to the great hall. Both washrooms have sinks that are 29 inches in height with clear open spaces in front of the sink, as well as two slip resistant grab bars surrounding the toilet.

Picture of accessible washroom in Gallery Grill

If driving, there are 2 wheelchair accessible metered spots on Tower Rd. The nearby Museum station is not accessible, however the accessible St. George and Queen's Park are both a few blocks away. If traveling by bus, 94A from Wellesley station brings you to the Hart House entrance off Tower Rd.

Check out this unique venue and let us know what you think below!