Carlton Cinema

Picture of main entrance of theatre

20 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H5

There is something nostalgic about Carlton Cinemas. Before the days of Cineplex Odeon, there were places with a dedicated fanbase of film enthusiasts who could come together and enjoy the show.

To get into the theatre, you travel up a concrete ramp that is 36 inches wide and features sturdy metal handrails. As you enter, the double doors afford plenty of clearance at 63 inches wide to welcome you to a place where you are greeted by the smell of buttery popcorn and the sight of retro movie posters. The entrance also features an automatic door opener.

Picture of ramp leading to entrance of theatre

Once you’re inside there is plenty of space to move around as the lobby, sitting room, and concession area are all free of obstructions. The cinema does not have a designated parking area for scooters, but the lobby features plenty of space where a scooter can be parked if needed. The stairs in the venue are solely to access managers offices, but feature stable handrails for balance and black slip resistant edging which contrasts the white floor for clear visibility. In the sitting area the tables are 30 inches from the floor and all chairs are removable. The venue has a mix of tile flooring and carpeting. There is also one loose rug in front of the concession booth.

Picture of spacious lobby of theatre
Picture of standard height tables

The concession counter features all the movie watching necessities: delicious popcorn (raved about by the guests), snacks, pop, and alcoholic beverages. The menu is on an overhead screen with white font on blue backgrounds, but if not easily visible for you the staff are well-trained and happy to assist with menu options. The counter measures 36 inches in height.

Picture of accessible washroom

The accessible washroom is a single room with no automatic door opener. The total dimensions of the washroom are 74 inches x 83 inches. The door handle leading into the washroom is lever style, and the door width is 36 inches. The sink is 31 inches from the floor with some obstruction from metal supports for the sink. The tap is lever style and the soap dispenser is behind the sink on the wall at a 15 inch depth which may not be within reach for some. The toilet is 17” tall, surrounded by 2 grab bars (which are smooth rather than textured) and the toilet paper dispenser is well positioned. The light switch and hand dryer are 48 inches up the wall. There is also a baby change table available for families!

To find your movie, there is an usher available to lead you as well as huge numbers on each cinema door. Above each theatre the movie playing within is clearly indicated in bold black text on a white background. The main door leading into each theatre is 36” in width. All theatres have an incline rather than stairs which is not steep. The accessible seating is at the back of the theatre and is 70 inches from the wall to the seat in front of you. There is adequate space for three to four individuals who use wheelchairs in a single theatre.

The nearest accessible subway station is Dundas station on the Yonge-University line. If taking the streetcar, there is a stop at Carlton St. @ Yonge St, or Carlton St. @ Church St. The manager reports that wheel trans can drop you off directly in front of the venue as well. 

NOTE: Carlton Cinema recognizes the Access 2 Entertainment card which allows an attendant to attend for free with any person with a disability who requires a support person when attending a movie. For information about how to secure a card, guests are encouraged to go to the Access 2 Entertainment website located at

For more information about accessibility at Carlton Cinemas, and their partner cinemas, go to: