Henderson Brewery

Picture of accessible entrance

128A Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON M6P 0A1

With beers like the Union Pearson Ale, Henderson Brewery celebrates the unique local culture of Toronto and its neighborhoods. This space offers an accessible tasting room and brewery tours all on one level in a bright, inviting atmosphere.

The brewery entrance has the option of a long ramp with a gradual incline or stairs with handrails on both sides leading to 2 doors that open outward. Together, these doors open to 68 inches wide. There is a ¾ inch threshold into the brewery which is all on one level with a polished concrete floor. The wide and spacious entrance provides unobstructed access to the service counter, 38 inches high, where you can purchase bottled brews, apparel, and other Henderson merchandise. The tables are bar height at 43 inches high, but a lower table can be made available upon request.  

Picture of the interior of the brewery showing bar height tables
Picture of service counter and bar height tables

The accessible washroom to the left of the entrance has an automatic door opener and push to lock feature. The door is 36 inches wide and opens inward. There is plenty of turning space and grab bars behind and beside the toilet. The sink measures 28 inches high with clear space underneath and a tilted mirror above. The soap and paper towel dispenser are 44 inches and 54 inches from the floor, respectively.  Additional features in the washroom include a change table and emergency call button.

Picture of accessible washroom

The brewery is well-lit with plenty of large windows bringing in natural light. The menu has good contrast print but small font, although the staff are very willing to provide in depth descriptions of what’s on tap. If you can’t decide which one to get you can always try out 4 of their beers with the tasting flight!

There is a large parking lot outside of the brewery which offers free parking, although there are no marked accessible parking spaces. It is also 900m from the accessible Dundas West subway station if traveling by transit.