Aga Khan Museum

77 Wynford Dr, North York, ON M3C 1K1

The 17 acre site at Don Mills and Eglinton hosts the beautiful Aga Khan Museum, as well as the Aga Khan park and the Ismaili Centre Toronto. The museum’s focus on light and its Islamic art collection is just as impressive as its accessibility.

Picture of accessible entrance of the Aga Khan Museum
Picture of interior of museum

There are 2 main entrances from the above ground parking and 1 entrance from the below ground parking. All entrances include an automatic door opener with two, 34 inch doors. Entrances are kept clear of obstructions and the space surrounding the museum has no level changes with curb cuts at various entry points from the parking lot. There are 2 wheelchair accessible parking spots from the main level and 3 in the below ground parking lot, which we would recommend as they are much closer to an entrance with elevator access to the exhibits. If traveling by WheelTrans, there is a designated drop off point and drivers are encouraged to accompany the rider right up to the door. If traveling by bus, there is a unsheltered wheelchair accessible stop directly in front of the museum on the 100A bus route.

Picture of wheelchair accessible parking spots

There is a $10 flat rate to park and a $20 entry fee for adults that includes all exhibits but performances or movies in the auditorium is extra. Support personnel can enter for free and there is free entry for everyone Wednesday night between 4-8pm. There is free coat check that also houses free wheelchairs to use upon request. Large print maps are also available at the pay counter. 

Picture of exhibit pathways
Picture showing small print on labels

The Aga Khan Museum hosts a permanent exhibit located on the main floor with an attendant at all times assisting at the door. The exhibit includes items that are in the majority encased at an accessible 29 inch height from the floor. Labels are all black and white, but the majority are small in font with larger print on the panels. We would like to point out that all the signage in the museum is small as part of a minimalistic aesthetic. Staff are very happy to help however, and have all been trained to assist with various needs. On the second floor, you will find the second exhibit which changes every 4 months and may present with different accessibility features.

The auditorium can also be accessed on the second floor and the last row contains removable chairs to accommodate up to 8 wheelchairs or mobility devices. To enter there is no automatic door opener and the door is quite heavy to assist with the sound proofing. There is a single room accessible washroom right outside this area of the auditorium which is generally kept for volunteers and very clean.

Picture of the seating in the auditorium

Going back to the main floor, you will find a small café to grab a quick bite and the Mark McEwan restaurant Diwan that utilizes the washrooms of the Aga Khan Museum and is only open for lunch and private events. All floors of the museum can be assessed by large elevators located at the main entrance or beside the café.

Picture of one of the accessible, single occupancy washrooms

If searching for an accessible washroom in the venue, there are several options throughout the floors. However, this writer recommends you use the washrooms on the lower level on route to the underground parking.  There is one accessible stall in each men’s and woman’s washrooms plus a single occupancy family room just outside the woman’s washroom that includes a change table, 2 grab bars and all automatic features including the door! There is a similar room on the main floor, however it is common for it to be occupied.

All pathways in the museum are wide enough to accommodate a 96”x96” turning radius. There are no stairs or level changes on each floor and all emergency exits are marked. There are many long hallways and the sidewalk leading to the entrance may be fatiguing for some individuals.