3 Brewers Liberty Village

Picture of accessible entrance 

2 Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K 1A5

Call: (416) 477-2619 

Based from French heritage, the 3 Brewers Liberty Village, is an excellent casual dining restaurant. They take pride in joining their fresh homemade culinary with brewed on-site, handcrafted beer. This location can be reached by transit using the 63 Ossington bus from the accessible Ossington station on line 2, which stops right at the corner and there is also public parking just across the street. There is also a driveway for easy drop-off and pickup right in front of the level pavement leading to the front entrance. This paved area is also set up as an outdoor patio area in the summer, but for now it’s just collecting snow.

Picture of lift beside stairs in the 3 Brewers

The front entrance is two sets of double doors which are 37.5 inches each and both are operated by an automatic door button. In the immediate entrance there is turning space, but not enough room to park a scooter or other assistive devices. There is a small set of stairs with a sturdy handrail or a lift-style elevator that measures 37 X 54 inches that brings you to the lower foyer area which has more space.

Picture of accessible interior of the 3 Brewers

Overall, I really like the layout of this restaurant. There is lots of space for manoeuvring around the bar, between tables and even if you fancy a game of pool. There are really no narrow spaces. The tables are slightly below standard, measuring 27 inches high to the bottom edge. The floors are smooth concrete and tile throughout the main level and there are coat racks scattered around which are great for jackets and canes. There is a 2nd level but the only access is by the staircase, which is wide and has solid handrails.

Picture of the accessible tables in the 3 brewers

On the main floor, there is a great single accessible washroom. The door is 37 inches wide and can be opened with the lever handle or automatic door button. Inside there is lots of turning space, grab bars behind and beside the toilet and a 29-inch-high floating sink for room to pull up underneath. The tap on the sink is motion activated as well as the hand blower, but it is mounted a bit high (about 55 inches). There is also a change table with lots of space around and underneath.

Picture of accessible washroom

The restaurant is very well lit, especially during the day with large windows letting in the sunlight. The menu font is a little small, but the staff are very friendly and helpful with any questions you might have. On a personal note, I don’t know what the people beside us ordered, but I thought it was so cool when the chef came out to their table with pasta in a giant cheese wheel and used booze to set it on fire before he served it to them. (The fire was out before he served the pasta). Bon Appetit!