Godspeed Brewery

Picture of accessible entrance of Godspeed Brewery

242 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 3B2

Call: (416) 551-2282

Steps from Little India, the new Godspeed Brewery offers a space to hang out and enjoy local craft beer and tasty food.

Approaching the venue, curb cuts allow for an easy transition towards the entrance and the 37-inch automatic door. Crossing the half-inch threshold, a spacious room features several standard height (29 inches) tables with either benches or removable chairs. There are also tables that are 36 or 42 inches tall. The bar (42-inches high) entices you to try any one of their delicious craft brews.

*image by Luc “Bim” Lafontaine

*image by Luc “Bim” Lafontaine

All on one level and non-carpeted, one can travel past the bar, through a hallway (43 inches wide), to the accessible washroom. The private, accessible washroom, has a 36.5-inch wide, automatic door that swings inwards into the spacious room. Two grab bars are situated beside and behind the toilet (one horizontal, one L-shaped). The sink is 29.5 inches high, with a tilted mirror, and ample clearing space underneath. Soap and paper dispensers can be easily reached on either side of the sink.

Picture of accessible washroom at Godspeed Brewery

Reviewed on a Sunday afternoon, the noise level was low. The restaurant was well-lit due to the large windows at the front of the venue allowing natural light to enter. At the front of the restaurant, there is a patio that can be accessed through a 39-inch gate. The seating on the patio may be restrictive to some as the tables are all picnic-style. 

Thinking of driving to check out this spot? This neighborhood has lots of street parking. Alternatively, if taking the TTC, there is a bus stop on Coxwell Ave at Lower Gerrard St East. There is an accessible bus (#22) that runs south to this stop from the accessible Coxwell station on the Number 2 Bloor Line.