Picture of accessible entrance of Hopscotch

224 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M5V 1Z6

Call: (416) 546-9842

Hopscotch, located at Queen and McCaul, is a fresh, new eatery providing health-conscious food options for all taste buds. The restaurant offers salads, wraps and bowls that are prepared in front of you allowing for a customizable and quick experience. Hopscotch also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to suit all dietary needs.

Hopscotch’s entrance is threshold free and is equipped with a wide door (40”) with an automatic door opener. There is plenty of space outside the restaurant to park mobility devices because of the restaurant’s spacious corner entrance. The flooring is smooth tile with no thresholds or changes in texture.

There are a variety of indoor seating options. There are two rows of standard height tables (both circular and rectangular) with bench seating on one side and removable chairs on the other side. The space is open concept and allows plenty of space to maneuver mobility devices. The menu at the front of the restaurant is slightly difficult to read due to small font, glare, and the abundance of options; however, the menu can be accessed online. The restaurant is bright with plenty of windows and adjustable background music plays softly to create an upbeat ambiance.

Picture of counter and standard height tables at Hopscotch
Picture of the accessible seating at Hopscotch

The accessible private washroom lacks an automatic door opener but does have a lever handle to enter. The toilet has a manual lever style flusher on the side with a horizontal grab bar 36” high behind and a 33.5” L-shape grab bar beside the toilet. The sink is 29” high with an open space beneath it.

Picture of accessible washroom at Hopscotch

Hopscotch’s closest accessible subway station is Osgoode which is a few blocks away. The Queen streetcar also stops right at the intersection of Queen and McCaul.