The Maker Bean Cafe

Picture of accessible entrance of the Maker Bean Cafe

1052 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M3

Call: (647) 346-2326

The Maker Bean Cafe is a place where coffee and creativity meet. This second location is brand new, and accessible! They offer coffee, tea and food, as well as maker tools such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

Approaching the venue, curb cuts allow for an easy transition towards the non-automatic double-door entrance measuring 63-inches wide. Crossing the quarter-inch threshold, the spacious cafe features removable chairs, and tables that are 28.5 inches tall. The cafe has no level changes, and the flooring is tile. Surrounded by wood signs made in-house, the barista is located behind a 36 inch bar. Additionally, orders can be placed through the Ritual App.

Picture of wide interior and standard height tables of Maker Bean Cafe

One can travel past the bar, through a hallway, to the accessible washroom. The private, accessible washroom, has a 31.5-inch wide door that swings inwards and automatic lights. The washroom dimensions are 87-inches by 85-inches and contains a change table, and two long grab bars that are  situated beside and behind the toilet (one horizontal, one vertical). The sink is 30 inches high with ample clearing space underneath. Soap and paper dispensers can be easily reached beside the sink. The washroom does not have automatic features.

Picture of accessible washroom of Maker Bean Cafe

Reviewed on a Friday afternoon, the noise level was low. The cafe was well-lit due to the large windows at the front of the venue allowing natural light to enter. The basement, which is where some of the events are held is unfortunately not accessible at this time.

Thinking of driving to check out this spot? There is street parking on Bloor St or a Green P at 110 Dovercourt Rd. Alternatively, if taking the TTC, Dufferin station is accessible and nearby.

Picture of the tool corner