Balzac's Coffee Roasters- Distillery

Picture of the accessible entrance of Balzac's Coffee Roasters

1 Trinity Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4

Call: (416) 207-1709

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is a great café that was founded on the concept of celebrating the sophisticated French coffee experience in Canada. Balzac's focuses on keeping their organization sustainable, local and natural. There are a number of locations both around Toronto and other cities in Ontario, but their space in the Distillery District is one of their first opening in 2002.

Outside of the front entrance of Balzac's is a patio area which is flat pavement, off the cobblestone walkway. There are several standard 29 inch tables with umbrellas as well as movable chairs. This is where I would say you want to be on a summer day with a iced-coffee beverage! The front entrance looks to have the original door to the  space, which does not have an automatic door opener. It measures 34 inches wide and there is a slight half-inch threshold to enter the space. Inside, the café has level tile or concrete floors and there is plenty of room to manoeuvre or park assistive devices. There are a few small round tables with movable chairs that allow for wide walkways. The other area available to enjoy your order is a second level overlooking the first, accessed only by the wide, hardwood staircase.

Picture of the interior of Balzac's Coffee Roasters. Several small tables in shot.
Picture of entrance to accessible washrooms

Washrooms are available towards the back, through a 33 inch doorway and down a 46 inch wide hallway. There are two private washrooms with 34-inch doorways. These have round knobs to open and do not have automatic openers. The space inside is large with two grab bars around the toilet and a 29-inch high floating sink.

Picture of accessible washroom in Balzac's Coffee Roasters

The Distillery District is not near the subway line, but the 504 streetcar has accessible cars and stops at Parliament St., just two blocks away. There is also a large outdoor parking lot at Parliament St. & Mill St.  where we have always been able to find a spot. The Distillery District is a pedestrian only area that does not allow cars to pass through, which has helped maintain the cobblestone walkways. As much as the walkways keep with the historic feel of the area,  they can definitely be a bit of a struggle to operate some wheelchairs around.

Balzac’s offers a range of hot and cold coffee beverages, baked goods and products for home. Along with the cozy artisinal vibe, you'll keep coming back for more.