Souk Tabule

Picture of the accessible patio at Souk Tabule

494 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1H7

Call: (416) 583-5914

Souk Tabule is serving up Middle Eastern cuisine in the up-and-coming Canary District of Toronto. They offer many options including sharing plates and all day brunch, combining authentic traditional recipes with some modern twists.

To get to the restaurant using transit, the best option would be the accessible King streetcar which stops at Cherry/Sumach, leaving you just a few blocks from the restaurant. There is also Green P street parking along Front St. right around the restaurant.

Picture of the accessible entrance at Souk Tabule

The patio and entrance way are part of this newer development, which is an area of condos and commercial spaces that is all nicely paved and level. The patio outside the entrance has standard height 29” tables that are all movable and so are the chairs. The entrance into the restaurant is 37.5” wide with a large accessible button to operate the door. It is a level threshold to enter.

Picture of spacious accessible interior of Souk Tabule

Indoors, there is plenty of space available for parking any mobility devices and navigating between tables. Tables inside the restaurant are 29” high and moveable, as well as the chairs. There are menus you can peruse at your seat or make use of the large board behind the counter to select your meal options. Orders are taken and paid for at the service counter and then delivered to your table when ready. Take out and delivery are also available.

Picture of accessible washroom at Souk Tabule

There is a very spacious accessible washroom with 38” door clearance, lever handle and automatic buttons for opening and locking the door. There is clear open space both in front and underneath the sink, that measures 32” high and 24” wide. The washroom has a manual flush toilet, with grab bars surrounding for support if needed, as well as a change table affixed to the wall. There is an automatic faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer, with the dryer and soap near the sink.

We found the space ambient and well lit, as well as the staff being very helpful and friendly. Souk Tabule defines themselves as fast-casual dining and we would add accessible and delicious to the list!