Green Grotto

Picture of the accessible entrance of the Green Grotto

832 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5S 1Z6

Call: (647) 341-8898

Green Grotto, located at the corner of College and Bay, is a casual café-style restaurant that serves a variety of noodles, rice dishes, bubble tea, and desserts. It has an extensive menu with interesting Asian-inspired food and drink that will certainly stimulate those taste buds!

The front of Green Grotto has a wide patio, offering accessible seating options to sit and enjoy food or drinks with friends. There is also plenty of space on the patio to park mobility devices.

As we entered Green Grotto’s double 35” doors, the friendly staff greeted us, but our attention was immediately drawn to the amazing abstract art on the walls and ceiling. The seating is a combination of private tables, booths, and communal seating. The table heights were between 28 and 29 inches. The communal table had a bench on one side and removeable chairs on the other side, while the private tables had solely removeable chairs. The booths were raised a foot off the floor and unfortunately a bit challenging to access with my power wheelchair. Hallways and routes between tables were unobstructed and the floor was concrete throughout, except for a mat at the front entrance.

Picture of the ordering bar at the Green Grotto
Picture of accessible seating in the Green Grotto

Green Grotto’s private accessible washroom is equipped with an automated push button entry. The sink was 30” x 22” with an automatic soap dispenser and ample leg room underneath. To the right of the toilet is a diagonal grab bar measuring 32” off the ground as well as a horizontal bar behind.

Picture of accessible washroom in the Green Grotto

On a weekend afternoon, the music was a little loud but adjustable. The menu was vibrant and bright, with lots of detail with both picture and text to assist readers in visualizing what they might be ordering. If traveling to the Green Grotto, public transit may be the best option as parking can be sparse in the area. The TTC #6 Bay bus runs along Bay St. and stops at the corner of Bay and College. If using the subway, Queen’s Park station on Line 1 is the closest station.

Overall, we recommend the Green Grotto to get your bubble tea fix or to even just check out some beautiful artwork!