Snakes & Lattes Midtown

Picture of entrance of Snakes & Lattes with one step leading to door

45 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, ON M4P 1G6

Call: (647) 342-9229

Looking for an accessible and conveniently located board game café in midtown? Check out Snakes & Lattes Midtown, where you can enjoy a variety of board games and unique tastes of food and drinks. For those not familiar with Snakes & Lattes, it is a Toronto-based board game cafe that allows unlimited board game fun for only $8! For a review of their just as accessible Annex location, click here.

The cafe is on the south side of Eglinton, just east of the perpetually under construction “Yonge and Eglinton.” You can easily find it however due to its blue structure with striking yellow signage. The main entrance has a 5” high step in front but an accessible entrance is located just on the east side of the café, with a very slight threshold (1/2” high) of ragged concrete. On our visit, we needed to call a staff member at 647 342 9229 Ex. 44 to enter as the automatic door opener was not working. When accessing the accessible entrance, there are double doors each measuring 32.5” wide.

Picture of the accessible entrance at Snakes & Lattes

Crossing the counter, there are many seating options, comprised of high top tables (43.5” high) with stools as well as standard 29” high tables with chairs and benches. The tables and chairs, except for the benches, are easily moveable.

Pillars are located along the pathways, with coat hooks measuring 70” high. The pathway between the tables and pillars is 40” wide and clear, making it easy to pass by to get to the accessible bathroom. There is enough space to make a full 360 degree turn in front of the bathroom. Emergency exits are clearly marked at the front entrance and the back of the café, leading directly through the kitchen. There is a second floor available for increased gaming capacity but only accessed by stairs.

Picture of the interior tables and staircase leading to second floor
Picture of clear pathway to the accessible washroom

There is an all gender, accessible bathroom stall on the main floor at the back of the café. The door measures 36” wide and there is an automatic door opener and a push to lock on the inside. There is a lever handle on both sides. Inside, the room is quite spacious with at least 72” diameter of turning space. There is a hook on the back of the door 44” high. There is an automatic soap dispenser and automatic dryer both about 36” above the floor. The sink is 32” high and 18.5” deep. The sink is automatic; of this we are sure since it sprayed Joanne as she was measuring the depth and scared the bejesus out of her! It was great.

Picture of accessible washroom at Snakes & Lattes

Moving on, the bathroom also includes a change table 29” high and 2 grab bars around the toilet. There is also an emergency button to the left of the toilet.

Regarding customer service, the staff was very friendly, despite us interrupting some board game training that appeared to be in progress. Service animals would be welcome here and the space is well lit and the music is not very loud. That being said I have been once before and the volume of the place was louder due to people simply playing games and having a good time. There are no braille or large print menus, as well as some games are only located on the second floor so make sure to ask the staff for assistance if needed.

The accessible Yonge & Eglinton subway station is a block away from the cafe however, the busy street under construction can pose as a barrier. Driving would be another option to access the cafe, as a Green Parking lot is located right behind. You could also take a bus from Eglinton station, anything going east along Eglinton such as the 34A, 34C, 56, 54A, 54B.

Overall, we were impressed by the new Snakes and Lattes Midtown but one big step (there’s a pun coming..) would be to get a ramp for the big step to their entrance so that people with mobility devices do not have to call and have a separate door opened.