Picture of accessible entrance at Bacchanal

60 Sudbury St, Toronto, ON M6J 3S7

Call: (416) 586-1188

Bacchanal is a modern French inspired restaurant, that offers an excellent casual dining experience. You may be drawn in by the finely crafted menu and original cocktails or like us, you may want to go for the Sunday raclette night, which will leave you beyond satisfied – All you can-eat melted cheese? …Um, yes please.

If you are thinking of heading over on transit, you can take the accessible 504 streetcar and the get off right at King and Sudbury. The restaurant is then just a few blocks up Sudbury Street. They also have underground parking, with an elevator that will bring you up directly into the restaurant. They are located right on the corner, so there is a curb cut out if you are being dropped off.

The sidewalk in front is wide, level and clear of obstructions leading up to the main entrance. The door is 35” wide with no automatic door opener. The entrance has no threshold and once inside the venue is all one level, with concrete floors throughout that are smooth as eggs. It is very open as you enter with plenty of turning space or a spot to leave a mobility devices. Some parts of the restaurant have narrower spaces between the tables, while other areas are very open. Tables are 27” height to the bottom, with most having movable chairs on one side and bench seating on the other. The staff were more than happy to accommodate us at a table with lots of space.

Picture of accessible tables at Bacchanal
Picture of the bar at Bacchanal

The private washroom has a 35” wide door to enter, with a lever handle but no automatic door open. There is adequate turning space, a 30” high by 19” wide floating sink and a change table available. Grab bars are installed beside and behind the toilet, the faucet and soap dispenser are manually operated and there is a stack of paper towels easily available.

Picture of accessible washroom at Bacchanal

The front of the restaurant has massive floor to ceiling windows, allowing for tons of natural sunlight during the day and plenty of indoor lighting at night as well. The dining room is quiet making it very easy for conversation with your table, or the servers who are always happy to fill your glass. We had very friendly and helpful service from all the staff. Put Becchanel on your list for a very comfortable setting to enjoy your next night out.