Filosophy Pastry and Espresso Bar

Picture of accessible entrance of Filosophy Pastry

912 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1L1

Call: (416) 901-9171

There isn’t a doubt in our minds that Toronto has no shortage of coffee shops. But one thing is for sure, it’s not easy finding a quiet, cozy and welcoming cafe—thus, Filosophy Pastry and Espresso Bar was born. Peter and Toula, both Bloorcourt locals have created a cozy yet modern space where they can share both their love of coffee and dessert with the community.

The entrance is set about a meter in from the sidewalk with a manual door that opens outward measuring 37 inches wide. The friendly staff are happy to help with the door if needed. Upon entering, please note that there is a carpet which may require a bit of an extra push to wheel through. The flooring is paneled with textured wood for a sturdy surface when moving around.

Picture of service counter in Filosophy Pastry and Espresso Bar
Picture of accessible tables in Filosophy Pastry and Espresso Bar

The tables along the window provides the most space and recommended for those with mobility devices and/or strollers. All the tables inside measure at 30 inches in height and not moveable due to the heavy marble tops.

The washroom is located straight down the pathway that measures 31 inches wide at the back of the café. The washroom door measures 37 inches wide with a knob to enter and exit that is not automatic. Inside, there is space to maneuver around with two stationary grab bars and one that can be pulled down for security should you need assistance. The sink is 31 inches from the floor with lever handles to turn on the water.

Picture of accessible washroom at Filosophy Pastry and Espresso Bar

Whether you’re coming by car or public transit, Filosophy is easily accessible. Just around the corner of Ossington station, this is the closest subway station that also has elevators, and a bus hub for the 94 Wellesley, 63 Ossginton and 161 Rogers bus route. By car, there is a nearby Green P parking lot located across from the Ossington Station as well as street parking available along Ossington and Bloor during the available times.

The name Filosophy came up ironically over coffee—consisting of a play on words that includes the Greek word for friend but also refers to filo pastry. But there is much more to choose from than their savoury filo pastries. Their daily display of baked goods and light eats are always changing as Peter and Toula are constantly searching for new and interesting items from local bakeries such as Wanda's Pie in the Sky, Tori's Bakery, Seranos, and Madelines.

With a revolving menu, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself and see what delicious goodies you find!