Mad Radish

Picture of accessible entrance of Mad Radish

2293 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, M4P 2C6

Call: (647)347-4193

Mad Radish is a new restaurant that has recently expanded from Ottawa to Toronto. It opened its doors in the heart of the action at Yonge and Eglinton and seeks to make delicious, healthy food accessible and available for busy people. Mad Radish has a selection of sandwiches, salads and juices made fresh every morning. They also offer salads, sandwiches, warm bowls and soups made to order for those with more time to dine in. Mad Radish prides themselves on the high-quality vegetables, grains and protein they use in their offerings and that quality can certainly be tasted.  

Mad Radish’s main entrance features double doors measuring 35” wide with an automatic door opener. There is plenty of unobstructed space outside the restaurant to park scooters and ample space inside the venue to maneuver mobility devices. The flooring is level and smooth concrete tile throughout.

Picture of service counter with menu at Mad Radish

Mad Radish’s menu is featured above the counter and serving area for customers to view. It is well organized, simplistic and easy to read. Staff at the restaurant are very friendly and happy to help customers who may have questions about the options available. The restaurant has warm lighting, soft music and is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Picture of accessible seating at Mad Radish

The restaurant features simple and flexible seating options. There are standard height tables with bench seating on one side and removeable chairs on the other side, as well as floating tables attached to panels on the wall with removeable chairs with backrests. There is also a small area with bar height seating and stools for those wanting a view of the action from the window.

There is clear access to the accessible private washroom. The door measures 34” wide and has a lever handle to enter. The toilet has a lever flusher and is surrounded by a horizontal grab bar behind it at 36.5” high and an L-shape grab bar on the right side. The floating sink is 29.5” high and 19.5” wide with lever taps. The automatic hand dryer is placed at a low accessible height beside the sink. There is also a fold-down change table available.

Picture of accessible washroom at Mad Radish

Mad Radish is accessible by public transit via the accessible Eglinton subway station or the 97 Yonge bus. Although there is no parking, there are a number of accessible parking lots nearby. Customers should be aware there is major construction at the main intersection just south of the restaurant at Yonge and Eglinton; however, efforts have been made to ensure sidewalks and roads are accessible with plates and asphalt laid.