Leña Restaurante

Picture of the accessible entrance of Lena Restaurante

176 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 2L7

Call: (416) 507-3378

On one of the coldest nights I have ever experienced in Toronto, my family and I decided to visit Leña Restaurante. We were not disappointed. As a huge fan of latin cuisine, I was particularly blown away by the empanadas served with chimichurri sauce. Seriously, get multiple orders of these!

Leña is located in Toronto’s Financial District just south of the accessible Queen Station on Line 1. If driving, parking options around the area are quite limited. The Eaton Centre has an indoor parking area which is located nearby if needed.

The front entrance is on Yonge St. and has no steps and no obstructions, with just a slight ¼ inch lip as you enter. There is an automatic door button for both doors which are each 36” wide. The restaurant has three levels that can be accessed by an elevator, which has a door width of 42”. Each level was easy to navigate, with each having wide pathways in the hallways and tables.

Picture of the accessible main floor seating
Picture of a standard height table on the bottom floor of Lena

We sat on the main floor at a table near the entrance. Most tables have a clearance height of 27.5” and chairs can be removed by the wait staff upon request. You can also choose to sit at the bar, although at approx. 40” in height, it might be difficult for those using mobility devices to access. There was loud latin music playing in the background so I would recommend sitting in the floor below for more intimate conversations.

Picture of the accessible washroom at Lena

An accessible bathroom can be found on the bottom floor using the elevator. Conveniently, the door has an automatic button with an entrance width of 38”. Once inside the bathroom, you can move around quite easily. There are two grab bars located behind and beside the toilet. The floating sink is 30” high by 22” wide. Faucet and soap dispensers are both manually operated and easy to reach.

Overall, my wife and I had a wonderful evening at Leña Restaurante . Besides the delicious food, the wait staff and managers were incredibly kind and accommodating. We will definitely be coming back!