Schnitzel Hub Bistro

Picture of accessible entrance at Schnitzel Hub

1415 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Y7

Call: (647) 351-5558

Scoping out accessible restaurants near Yonge and St. Clair, I came across The Schnitzel Hub Bistro and Bar. I am a pesco-vegetarian so really wasn’t expecting the menu to pique my interest- but I was pleasantly surprised! Not only do they have veal, chicken and pork schnitzel but also the coveted eggplant! Yum! Also a surprise to me was the infused vodkas at the bar, if you’re feeling brave.

The easiest way to get there is by subway, getting off at the accessible St.Clair station and heading south on Yonge for about 200m. There is also the 97B bus on Yonge St. If you are driving, there is a nearby Green P southeast of the restaurant at 40 Rosehill Ave. The signage is huge so you can’t miss it!

Before I go further I want to voice my opinion that this is not the place to grab a quick bite. Though they offer deliver through Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, etc. I would encourage you to eat in. The restaurant is quite upscale and the atmosphere is lovely. There is also an interesting private room in the back with a huge table and homey, dining room feel.

Being on Yonge St, there are wide sidewalks and curb cuts leading to the restaurant. The entrance to the Schnitzel Hub is relatively flat with a small threshold. There is no automatic door opener. There are double doors upon entry that are each 33” wide. I would say there is space if you wanted to leave your scooter or mobility device outside, but it is a high traffic area. There is no patio and the restaurant is all one floor with no steps or stairs except those to access the non-accessible bathrooms downstairs. These stairs have a sturdy railing and are quite wide if you need to use them.

Picture of bar and standard height tables at Schnitzel Hub
Picture of general layout of Schnitzel Hub

The floor throughout the space is smooth wood/laminate. The tables and chairs are mostly moveable and 30” high with 28” clearance underneath. The bar height is 44”. There is lots of space if you need to turn around at the front of the restaurant.

The accessible bathroom is immediately inside the establishment to the right. It is an single room with no push button and a round handle instead of the preferred lever. The door width here is only 31”. There are two grab bars around the toilet. The toilet is a lever flush on the right. The paper dispenser is 54” high. The sink is 33” high and you have to reach across it to access the soap dispenser at the back of the sink. There’s a change table that is 36” high with 33” clearance underneath.

Picture of accessible washroom

The menu was not in the largest print but it was in contrasting colours, and well spaced. The website seems pretty good if you need to magnify the menu on your device or make a reservation. Overall the space was a comfortable temperature, music volume was low and the lighting was sufficient. I appreciated the cozy alcove with a large chess board and couches. I could see myself having a pint with a friend while losing at chess. The day I visited I was alone though, so I just tucked in and had some perogies and a shot of horseradish infused vodka. They may have been the best perogies I’ve ever had and the vodka.. wow did that wake me up at 3pm!

Overall, a decently accessible, classy place for a date and/or your schnitzel fix if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks.