Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill

Picture of accessible entrance to Mongolian Grill

900 Don Mills Rd #2, North York, ON M3C 1V6

Call: (416) 449-8228

This family favourite restaurant is located on Don Mills Rd, two lights north of Eglinton Ave East in an easy to find plaza. It is an all-you-can-eat oriental buffet with a self-serve stir-fry station which allows you to assemble your own bowl! The stir-fry is great for those with food sensitivities, as you control all of the ingredients and portion size (although you can always go back for more). The buffet offerings have a small number of onion-free options, so I mostly kept to the stir-fry. All the food is fresh, high quality, and flavourful. The staff are also very attentive without being pushy and service animals are welcome.

Picture of the sidewalk level entrance of Mongolian Grill

The Mongolian’s threshold-free entrance has two sets of 32.5” double doors, separated by a small vestibule.  There are no automatic door openers anywhere in this restaurant, but if you need assistance, the staff are very helpful.  There is sufficient space to maneuver wheelchairs and other mobility devices throughout the major aisles and food service areas of the restaurant only.  Reservations are highly recommended, not only because the restaurant is usually busy, but also to get a table beside the major aisles or food service areas.

Picture of buffet area of Mongolian Grill with wide walkways
Picture of the stir-fry section of Mongolian Grill

The dining room is tastefully decorated with Mongolian scenes, and they can accommodate larger groups within a separate private dining area, or by putting tables together in the main dining area.  Tables have 28.5” clearance underneath and my legs were able to fit under while in my wheelchair. Within the dining room, the music was a bit too loud, forcing us to yell to converse. This may be an issue for individuals who are hearing impaired.

The men’s and women’s restrooms are down a short corridor, with a large accessible stall in each. While the large stall doors average 33” clearance and swing away from the toilet to open, the stalls are only wide enough to position a wheelchair parallel beside the toilet (about 5’x5’), and you have to back into the stall.  Each large stall has two grab bars. There is a change table located in the women’s washroom, 28” clearance under the sinks, soap dispenser on the counter, and a paper dispenser on the far wall. The door handles are pull only, and the washrooms are clean, well-kept and stocked. There are no automatic features within either washroom.

Picture of the entrance to the accessible washroom stall
Picture of toilet within accessible stall

There is a good-sized parking lot surrounding the building that also houses a number of other eateries. There are wheelchair accessible parking spots scattered throughout the parking lot, with lots of curb cuts to get to the sidewalk level. You can also disembark right onto the sidewalk from the accessible spot at the south end of the building.

The #25 and #925 Express Don Mills accessible buses depart from the Don Mills and Pape accessible subway stations and both stop at the Barber Greene (southbound) and Green Belt (northbound) intersection. The restaurant is just across the parking lot. And of course if taking WheelTrans, they will take you right to the entrance of the restaurant.

Overall, I really enjoy this restaurant and visit often. I recommend it as a great dining experience and be sure to bring your appetite!